Don't let Mitt Romney's anti-gay billionaire backer whitewash his intimidation of critics


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  1. millie fink says:

    Excellent reporting, thank you! This kind of scurrilous bigotry needs more disinfecting sunlight.

    I hope, and suggest, that BB will offer similar insight into the Koch Brothers’ funding of that more subtly toxic right-wing propaganda outlet, Reason (tv and magazine) . . .

  2. Teller says:

    On the plus side, he makes gluten-free vitamin supplements!

  3. sinsara says:

    This is a great article!  Thanks for posting it!  Sharing it with all of my FB friends too!  Nicely done! 

  4. Why Rosemary, he has his FATHER’s eyes…

  5. Brainspore says:

    It’s hard to see the big picture with such wee beady eyes.

  6. Guest says:

    Fricking hilarious!

  7. Lobster says:

    Wonder if he has a son named Joran.

  8. thecleaninglady says:

    Anti-gay often turns out ot be suppressedly-gay or secretly-gay. Poor man. If everyone could come out without fear, what a wonderful world would it be!

    • Andrew Singleton says:

      The more i see the most ardently homophobic turn out to have gay or bisexual habits the more I want to try to pity them. The sheer amounts of self loathing going on there must be soul crushing.

      However to earn my forgiveness they must repent of their wickedness and truely want to put the crushing of fellow human lives behind them. Til then they are just another obsticle to be gotten over.

  9. SamSam says:

    Jesus, that “advertorial” is so transparent and disgusting. It’s almost exactly what you’d expect to read in a bad pulp novel: 

    “We think it would be unfair for anyone to conclude that Mr X is a psychopathic Communist who once murdered a hooker for her shoes. It would be wrong to do so. The only known facts are that, for whatever reason, he wove his story unfairly.”

  10. adamrice says:

    What really mystifies me about this guy is not that he’s a homophobe—which he clearly is—but that he doesn’t want to be perceived as a homophobe, and will go to some lengths to quash that perception.

    • Marja Erwin says:

      He could have quashed that perception much more easily by *not* promoting bigotry, and *not* threatening lgbt folks, than he has by threatening reporters who note how he is promoting bigotry.

    • Christopher says:

       I’m honestly not trying to sound sarcastic, but have you met many homophobes? I’ve met several and they all objected to being labelled either a homophobe or a bigot. They seem to understand that it’s wrong and object to being identified as such a person, but aren’t willing to change the attitudes/behaviors that result in being called a homophobe.

      • Brainspore says:

        Also see: racists. It’s rare to find a bigot who thinks of themselves as a bigot even if they are a walking textbook example of bigotry. They tend to say things like “I don’t have a problem with [group], I just don’t want them [associating with/sharing the rights of my group].”

  11. With original journalism like this, I’d love to see BB become the Rolling Stone of its generation.

  12. TheMightyMona says:

    I loved that article, and this one, makes me proud of BoingBoing and my Boise Weekly.

  13. Don’t forget about the other 10 grand the Frank donated to Prop H8te directly from Idaho Falls. . 

  14. Grambo says:

    Nice job doctoring the painting to make the guy look extra creepy.


    • RedShirt77 says:

      I imagine, as a good billionaire   he has copy-write on all public images , so you have to alter to use.  And there was  no motivation to make  him look better.

    • In what universe is our pic not obviously and intentionally a caricature of that photo?

      • benher says:

        For caricature, I feel you should have chosen VanderSloot’s saucy cowboy ensamble personally. ;)

      • mlw99 says:

         Well, Rob, since you asked, in the universe that I inhabit, I didn’t “obviously” realize that it was “intentionally a caricature of that photo.”  I didn’t even realize from the post that there was “that photo.”  Just to make it clear, I despise what this guy stands for and his actions and conduct as described.

      • invictus says:

        The one where not everyone has spent time staring at the guy’s actual photo? You know, the one where most people haven’t been involved in preparing this article/image?

        I certainly had no reason to know the photo was altered — tiny copyright text in the corner notwithstanding. And at least two other people have commented on the photo with no hint of their realizing it was a caricature.

        So, what universe? Sure looks similar to this one.

        • Grambo’s ire at ‘doctoring the painting’ at least understands that it is doctored and that it is a painting. If you looked at this and thought it was an unaltered photo, there’s really no helping you, whichever universe you inhabit.

          • invictus says:

            Oh, *now* I’ve been told!
            I guess in your universe, Photoshop is unheard of, making oil painting style filters a mythical, mysterious power.

            But you’re right, the use of the term “photo” was ill-advised. I guess I wasn’t giving this masterpiece of visual humour the proper attention it so clearly deserved.

            Oh, wait. I was.

    • Fnordius says:

      I think Rob did a good job myself. Really captured the soul of the guy without going all Dorian Grey and showing how ugly his soul really is.

      Oh, and I don’t think the term “doctoring” is warranted. It’s Rob’s own artwork, though I suppose if the HOPE poster could be litigated Rob might be facing a lawsuit no matter how satirical the painting is.

  15. goopy says:

    If he hates gay that much, he should move to Iran or whatever homophobic country and leave US for those who believe in equal right. Or get use to 21 century.

  16. fergus1948 says:

    I hate to lower the tone but I do sometimes get joy from people’s names and how nominative determinism can sometime kick in.

    How cool would it be if gay guys or girls invented a really kinky new sex act and called it Vanderslooting?

    “I met this guy/girl last night and he/she gave me the hottest vandersloot of my life!”

    “Vanderslooter, 24, seeks similar, into extreme Limbaugh.”

    • Cynical says:

       I hereby nominate “to accidentally (or otherwise) defecate while involved in the act of anal sex” as the new meaning of “Vandersloot.”

      “Man, it was all going so well and then I vanderslooted all over the sheets. Totally killed the mood.”

  17. solid_ekans says:

    I lived in SE Idaho a few years ago. VanderSloot is a huge fish in a little pond there. He throws around his weight any chance he gets. He pays for the annual July4, American Independence day fireworks show. It’s a big deal. Cool display.  The year July 4 fell on Sunday, he moved the fireworks show to Saturday or Monday.( I forget which.) Lots of people wanted it on THE DAY YOU CELEBRATE JULY 4TH! But VanderSloot wouldn’t budge. Sunday is a big deal to Mormons. Vandersloot just gave everybody the finger. “I pay. The fireworks happen whenever I want.”
    It’s hard for the locals to badmouth the man. He employs a ton of people in SE Idaho. Chances are you know someone or are employed by Melaluca if you live there.

    I’m disappointment that his influence is getting bigger and bigger.

  18. Palomino says:

    I hope he chokes on one of his own pills. 

  19. Kristofer Peterson says:

    “I know that politics bore you but, I feel like a hypocrite talking to you, you and your racist friend. ”  Honestly I’ve always followed the TMBG method of dealing with bigotry.    In short, shun the bigots.

  20. buster_friendly says:

    I think the eyes in the painting need to be just a tad bit closer together. Don’t you?

  21. alphabomb says:

    What nobody noticed?  Glistening forehead phallus for the win!  Clearly this guys a total dickhead.  It’s not just me right?  Right?

  22. WinstonSmith2012 says:

    In our absolute farce of a representative democracy, here are your potential choices for the next corporate front man in the Oval Office. 1 & 2 will fight it out at their convention for the Repug nomination:

    1. A Mormon and his Mormon pals who hate gays so much I’m sure many of them will turn out to be closeted gays.
    2. A nut that evangelicals absolutely love (enough said).
    3. A “Yes, we can!  CHANGE!” candidate who, surprise, surprise, turned out to be nothing of the sort which is not at all surprising since all major party candidates once elected answer only to the moneyed special interests who fronted the money to get them elected.

    I’m not playing their game any more and validating ANY of them with my vote.  George Carlin is absolutely  correct (NSFW – that acronym also says something about our “free” country):

  23. johnny says:

    Countdown ’til Vandersloot is publicly humiliated because some rent boy comes forward with photos of their lovemaking…  10, 9, 8…….

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