Fashion designers prepared for rising sea levels


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  1. niktemadur says:

    Gotta love the name, Christian Dada.

    On a tasteless note, what is this, Katrina chic?

  2. I’m reminded of the cucumber post from yesterday

  3. awjt says:


  4. Pillow encumbered woman. I think. Who can tell?

  5. John Maple says:

    I like the shoes; just how does one *pick* shoes to go with this get up and is this spring or summer?

  6. boris kane says:

    This is BULL CRAP (hear Cartman). What the fuck is with the fashion industry these days? Oh let’s design all this stuff, THAT PEOPLE CAN’T WEAR. That’ll show how awesome we are.

    A bunch of sculptors is what these people are, they just make art that people can put on their bodies, not clothing.

  7. ldezem says:

    This particular style is pretty close to performance artist Roi Vaara’s (fi) work:

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