OFF! - "King Kong Brigade" (MP3 download)


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  1. Andy Murdock says:

    Looking at their band photo makes me feel like a total square. I think I still have a Thrasher t-shirt in the basement, maybe I’ll put it on and not shower for a week.

  2. StAlfongzo says:

    I wanna club ya like a baby seal and staple your scalp to my steering wheel!

    Keith sounds the same no matter what he does.

    I love it!

  3. chris jimson says:

    Ha, I used that same Pettibon art for a band flyer back in college.  Bands are going to be taking art from his old self-published comics for decades.

  4. ottoride says:

    awesome! love stuff like this. 

  5. emenel says:

    I love that OFF! is bringing back the classic hardcore sound with a slight update. The political and social atmosphere in north america right now is perfect for music and messages like this. 

    There are some other great bands doing this stuff now too, a number of them from Toronto. Career Suicide, Fucked Up, Teenanger, and This Mess come to mind.

  6. Martijn Vos says:

    Awesome! Sounds like I might have this song on an old tape somewhere. Classic punk rock sound from the early ’80s. 

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