130 Simpsons episodes at once

Romssonson created a single YouTube video displaying a grid of 130 miniature Simpsons episodes:

About the video:

-Top to bottom: each row shows a season (from season 1 to season 10)

-Left to right: each column shows an episode (from episode 1 to episode 13)

A total of 130 episodes is displayed, framerate is 25fps, thumbnails have been captured at 80x60px

Watching +100 The Simpsons episodes at the same time (experiment) (via Kottke)


  1. If infringing the copyright of an ipod full of songs is worth $8bn, how much is infringing the copyright of 130 Simpsons episodes worth?

  2. Calling this a pointless exercise would be an insult to pointless exercises everywhere.

  3. After watching that video, I’m afraid that I’m going to “flash” whenever I see a Simpsons re-run. #intersect3.0

  4. It feels like this is a view of some part in my brain… kinda of depressing… all the junk I store in my head… (not meant to offend anyone, love the simpsons)

  5. Now the iPad has its fancy-ass Retina Display, someone’s just gotta go ahead and do this with all 503 episodes.

  6. … I feel… g… o… o… d… Ah, Grrr, Ohhh… Argh… Yaaagh!… It’s not right… not right…

    not right…

  7. ooooh, longest opening sequence time goes to Treehouse of Horror V, Season 6, Episode 6.
    Wonder what the longest one is.
    Tell me damn internet! I must know. Now.

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