130 Simpsons episodes at once


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  1. Spieguh says:

    The Season 1 intro was really long!

  2. Fang Xianfu says:

    If infringing the copyright of an ipod full of songs is worth $8bn, how much is infringing the copyright of 130 Simpsons episodes worth?

  3. PhosPhorious says:

    Can’t. . .  stop. . . watching. . .  the Simpsons. . .

  4. schr0559 says:

    So… much… yellow…

  5. Finnagain says:

    That makes me want to watch them all again! Oh, wait. I just did.

  6. Ivan Knezevic says:

    Calling this a pointless exercise would be an insult to pointless exercises everywhere.

  7. Dr. Fyzziks says:

    After watching that video, I’m afraid that I’m going to “flash” whenever I see a Simpsons re-run. #intersect3.0

  8. LogrusZed says:

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force did.

  9. Ivan Rengifo says:

    It feels like this is a view of some part in my brain… kinda of depressing… all the junk I store in my head… (not meant to offend anyone, love the simpsons)

  10. Donald Petersen says:

    Now the iPad has its fancy-ass Retina Display, someone’s just gotta go ahead and do this with all 503 episodes.

  11. Labbit says:

    130 episoooooodes… aaaaaarrrrrrgggggggggllllll…

  12. Jeffrey says:

    60p we meet again, recorded with 130 potatoes, I like the part with the Simpsons episode, etc.

  13. chupsahey says:

    … I feel… g… o… o… d… Ah, Grrr, Ohhh… Argh… Yaaagh!… It’s not right… not right…

    not right…

  14. gerardwhelan says:


  15. miasm says:

    ooooh, longest opening sequence time goes to Treehouse of Horror V, Season 6, Episode 6.
    Wonder what the longest one is.
    Tell me damn internet! I must know. Now.

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