Are you one of those people who dislikes Facebook but signed up for Instagram?

Sucks to be you. David Benoit at the WSJ: "The social networking giant has reached an agreement to buy Instagram for $1 billion in cash and stock."


    1.  I’ve started using EyeEm, which is nice because it doesn’t force you to use that rubbish aspect ratio. 

      Steply is pretty okay, too.

    1. This zucks. 

      I’ve been enjoying following your stream for the last couple months – it is fun to see a side of the BB contributors outside of, well, boingboing… but I suppose like all things which start off as “special people’s clubs” they eventually attract the attention of the parasitic Zuckubi…

      1. I get it that it is an easy way for the snapshot folks to add a little excitement to an otherwise technically boring snapshot. But apps that add filters at the touch of a button have been around for a long time? And many of them give you plenty of options on where you want to share it. Where is all of this negativity coming from, starting with the android launch, and now selling out to FB? Is Instagram even going to change much, if at all?

        1. Instagram as an application probably won’t change any more than it would have, normally.   

          It’s just the fact that Facebook may or may not use whatever data they accumulate from the users of the application in ways that might leave you squirming and clutching at Luddite ideals afterwards, especially given their propensity of changing use of data conditions, data harvesting, and access permissions with about as much warning as a ‘silent but deadly’ fart that might worry some people.

          1.  The more I see crap like this happen, the less I want to be ‘social’. Hey a big “Let’s pour molten iron up your fucking ass, Zuckerburg!'” shoutout to Mark. Merely a reference to an English king, OK?! And besides, Mark, we promise to keep it quiet. Unless someone posts it on F***book, of course.

          2. Let’s pour molten iron up your fucking ass, Zuckerburg!

            Is that what you kids are calling it these days?

        2. There are loads of apps that add filters, yes. There have been tons on Android for a long time. Yet everyone wanted to use Instagram. Since that is the case, surely you can admit that you must be missing something? :)

          The draw is not only that the filters are very good compared to the alternatives (in fact they’re easily the best), but the ‘social’ side of it. It’s mainly not about sharing to Twitter or Facebook or whatever other social networks, but it’s about sharing within Instagram itself. It’s its own social network dedicated to snapshots. And it’s different than, say, Flickr (also a social network dedicated to photography) or Twitter – both excellent in their own right – because of its singular focus on snapshots and sociability on mobile devices. 

          That said, you do kind of have to be familiar with this type of thing to ‘get’ it, I think. If you’re not twitterin’ and tumblin’ and everything already then I think it’d be easy to not understand the attraction here.

          1. oh I get it now!

            *Dude takes a picture with Instagram and posts it to Facebook.
            Dude’s narcisist friend: “Wow! I want my photos to look retro too! How did you do that?”
            +1 for Instagram

  1. The vast Cult of Apple will be apoplectic. It’s as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

  2. I’m not even sure what the appeal was for Instagram. What is the use of a photo sharing site that jacks up your images…on purpose?

    I really wish tinypic wasn’t acquired and was still kicking. Now you are forced to photobucket if you didn’t already have a tinypic account. It’s heavily neglected and ignored, these days.

    1. Well, it’s not doing it by itself, you still have some kind of control over it.

      I always saw it as Twitter with pictures really.

      But yeah, I kept myself off of facebook on purpose, so with the integration happening soon I’ll deep-six my Instagram installation. I can always use flickr for this or maybe integrate it in my 500px account.

      1.  Uh, would SOMEONE explain to me why in God’s name people don’t share stuff via email and cc?? Why in the FUCK do you want to give these clowns that much control over you?? I mean, email is bad enough, but with this new shit, you might as well just take a picture of yourself cumming on your own face while shitting and then posting it to the world. Oh, BTW, you don’t have to make sure that your face can be seen well….that will be fixed for you.

        1. Because that isn’t ‘sharing’, and you have to open an email, then open an attachment.
          But basically, if I have to explain it to you, then you obviously don’t understand how it work, so I’m wasting my time.
          If ever there was a more appropriate username… (rolls eyes)

  3. What do you get when one privacy hazard acquires another? “cross-pollination” (see the Instagram blog) *sigh*

  4. Instagram was becoming too dangerous.  Now that it’s available for both Android and IOS now ANYONE can take pictures of banal crap and pretend like they have an art degree.

  5. “Are you one of those people who dislikes Facebook but signed up for Instagram?”

    No. I’m one of those people who dislikes Facebook and avoids it and other similar businesses (including Instagram) as a result of being skeptical of any social networking site or software, due to the rampant loss of personal privacy, repeated exposed vulnerabilities, not to mention overt misuse of personal data on the part of those who run these businesses.

    I find it sadly amusing and ironic how the demographic here is likely to appreciate how wrong it is for the TSA to focus on searching small children as a way of normalizing the removal of civil rights so that they will grow up to be good, compliant people, and yet fail to recognize the same kinds of anti-privacy, anti-security normalization activity going on in the social networking arena.

    1. “due to the rampant loss of personal privacy, repeated exposed vulnerabilities, not to mention overt misuse of personal data on the part of those who run these businesses.”
      Only if you’re dumb enough to stick lots of personal data up there in the first place. My Fb page says nothing of any use about me, other than I’m single and male, and Instagram has no personal info that I know of, I use it because it’s fun, and a particular friend who lives 500 miles away uses it, and she’s a very observant and talented photographer who’s snaps I love to look at.
      To reiterate about personal info, if it ain’t there, no one can see it, can they.

      1.  So if someone you’ve friended posts a picture of you and another person you’ve friended tags that photo with your name then you’ll still have no personal info on your profile right? 

        Check back with me in a year and lemme know how that’s going for you.

  6. What surprises me the most is the staggering number: 1 BILLION? Really? How did they come up with that price? Too much smart people involved to say it’s a stupid deal, so I wonder what was their reasoning behind it?

    1. I imagine it has something to do with putting your little finger to your mouth, sputtering a large number and than laughing maniacally.

    2. When the Android version launched last week, they must have easily doubled their user base over night, if not tripled or quadrupled. It’d be funny if they extrapolated from that massive growth (though in reality they’ll never have growth anywhere near that again) to convince some clueless suits at Facebook that they’re worth $1B.

    3.  Dear sir:  “Smart people” My God, are you naive.  Just because psychopaths are good with money and stuff does NOT make them ‘smart’, it just makes them excellent predators.

  7. For everyone here who is/was too-cool-for-Instragram, I feel it bears pointing out:

    If you thought it was just an app to play with ironic hipster camera effects than you totally missed the boat.

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