Gweek 047: Drop Dead Healthy


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  1. Robert says:

    Let me tell you something about exercise. It’s boring. But technology can and should make it much more palatable. Anecdote! I really hate the stationary bicycle. You don’t go anywhere, you can zone out, but nothing like that convinces you that you’re having fun. Not even a passive video. The most I’ve ever lasted on a stationary bike is ten minutes. Except recently, I went to the Y and got on a gamified stationary bike. Before I knew it, I’d been on for an hour.

    Exercise back in the day wasn’t boring because you were busy chasing a deer or running from pumas. Not now.I can’t wait for the Google Glasses to come out with a vengeance. Pop some AR in, and walks and runs in the park will no longer be boring.

    • JimEJim says:

      It’s only boring because most people pick the boring forms of exercise at gyms.  It becomes a chore then unless you do as you suggest and find ways to “gamify” it. 

      Basically, if the exercise is boring, you’re doing it wrong.  Go play a sport,  train martial arts, or do yoga. Find the exercises that you enjoy doing or else you won’t be motivated to continue.  Change it up every so often if you get bored.

      I train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 3 times a week and couldn’t be more excited to go to class.  It is definitely a work out and I don’t really need to do much more beyond that.

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        I can’t do repetitive motion, so it’s basically yoga or resistance training. You don’t get bored because you change what you’re doing every minute or two.

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