Igloo made of stacked books


13 Responses to “Igloo made of stacked books”

  1. Mister44 says:

    Mmmm I bet it smells really nice in there.

  2. HubrisSonic says:

    seems a useful thing to do with books, considering that the paper book is dead.

  3. Zach Holt says:

    I would want to touch it , but it looks like it would all fall.  Maybe it’s glued.

    • peterkvt80 says:

      The technique is very similar to dry stone walling so if constructed properly it won’t fall. Here in the Cotswolds a lot of walls are several hundred years old and there are tombs from neolithic times.

  4. Anne Holmes says:

    doesn’t look very useful if you want to read your books?

  5. sweetcraspy says:

    Looks like a  good start for a Ludovician shelter, but  Miler should really add a Dictaphone loop for extra security.

  6. chgoliz says:

    Based on this, I guess we can build a mansion.

  7. Jim Randolph says:

    I’d read my Kindle in there.

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