"Edit" a state-run newspaper in The Republia Times

The Republia Times is a game in the darkly humorous tradition of Floor 13. But whereas Floor 13 cast you as a secret government chief out to influence the media through cover-up and intimidation, Times casts you as the newspaper editor reacting to intimidation from above. Your task is to increase the government's poll ratings—or else. Thankfully, disruptive influences are afoot. Author Lucas Pope is on Twitter.


  1. Republia, it says, not Republica . 

    (I feel douchy making the first comment a correction :( )

  2. Not bad at all.  Only takes about 30 minutes to play, even assuming you’re an idiot like me.

    “I’ll move myself and my family aside

    If we happen to be left half alive

    I’ll get all my papers and smile at the sky

    For I know that the hypnotized never lie”

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