Scientists regenerate hair on bald mouse (video)


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  1. I’ve got enough back hair already.

  2. Hmmm Hearing receptors
    The receptors for sound are the ‘cilia’ … tiny hairs that line the inner surface of the cochlea in the inner ear. Sound vibrations are directed into the cochlea by means of the eardrum and the bones of the middle ear, where the cilia move mechanically and excite the nerve endings to which they’re attached..

    So is there a cure for deafness in this research?

  3. Ladyfingers says:

    I wonder how many years’ worth of finasteride this will cost.

  4. oasisob1 says:

     Seems like studying the unwanted growth of hair on other parts of the body could also be worthwhile. It’s clear that bodies don’t have a problem growing hair, it just happens in the wrong places.

  5. BarBarSeven says:

    What a breakthrough! I genuinely hope that this mouse gets laid.

  6. Aric Forbing says:

    Finally, I’ll be able to fill in my beard! Hopefully with soft, soft mouse hair…
    (also, way to think outside the box with the cure for deafness! ;)

  7. John Wells says:

    I can see it now, natural hair stripes will be the new big fad. We’ll see teenagers with brunette, blonde, and red hair all growing from their scalp at once.

  8. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Gives new meaning to the phrase mousy brown hair.

  9. Anon_Mahna says:

    Imagine a few years down the road when this technique (or a superior one) become commercially viable..

    ..who do you think would go for the anti-brazillian wax, a furry or someone with an obsession with Chewbacca ?

    .. side thought, total body hair, and go as Sasquatch for Halloween….

  10. Jay Kusnetz says:

    Sounds similar to the hair cloning that is now in clinical trials

  11. Eark_the_Bunny says:

    Oh great, they figured out how to make hairy mice.  Once this mouse tells all the other mice how it was done, we will have a world overrun with lots of hairy mice.  First Harry Potter, now hairy mice when will it ever end?

  12. benher says:

    Saw this on the tube the other day !
    Too bad there is no baldness in my family… maybe I can try spelling out something on my back?….

  13. angusm says:

    I don’t know about hair growth, but based on that mouse, it certainly looks as if the scientists may have isolated the ugly gene.

    If they can find a cure for that, it could bring hope to ugly people everywhere.


    They can grow patches of human hair on mice?  Do they immediately groom the patch of hair over their bald spot in a long barcode like streak the way humans do?

  15. David Ellington says:

    I always thought male pattern baldness was the result of a toxin that is produced as a byproduct from the metabolism of testosterone.  It’s my understanding that this toxin attacks hair follicles, causing them to no longer produce hair.  Even if they’re successful in growing hair en masse on a man’s head, he’d still need to use preventative measures such as rogain, or propecia to keep said hair.

  16. BongBong says:

    Just make sure this doesn’t lead to increased cancers as a side effect in people.

  17. Thad Boyd says:

    Jokes aside, the focus isn’t so much male premature baldness, but helping people who have lost hair due to injury or disease.

    Ah — well then, fair enough.

    I’m losing my hair and would very much like not to be, but I’ve always thought it was a pretty frivolous area to put medical research dollars into.

  18. Bill Sweet says:

    Meanwhile, funding reproductive choice remains anathema…

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