New world record for letting bees crawl all over you

Last wednesday, beekeeper She Ping covered himself with 331,000 bees to claim the world record from Ruan Luangming. As 33.1kg of insects crowded around his body and face, She Ping's eyes and mouth were kept clear by an incense-waving apprentice. Photo: REUTERS/China Daily


  1. Can I go for the world record of letting kittens crawl all over me? That seems more pleasant, and I bet if I were laying down you could fit a lot of them onto me.

    1.  Cause some other guy got less bees on them and this dude was like, psssh, only 200,000 bees? I could get at least another 100,000 on me. It’s like being at the #1 spot on the high score table for World’s Best Beekeeper.

  2. The apprentice is either an apprentice beekeeper or an apprentice incense waver. Definitely not an apprentice manicurist. I haven’t seen nails like that since Lo Pan in Big Trouble in Little China.

    1.  I was going to ask the same thing. The bees I can handle, the long fingernails on a dude skeeves me out. I have no idea why. Maybe cause they’re not clean. Reminds me of homelessness, drugs and despair.

      1.  In some cultures, the *original* idea was, if you were wealthy, you did no manual labor and could grow such nails. If you were poor, you did hard labor and such nails were impossible to grow. It’s gone from that to simply being fashionable now.

      1. I thought that they would measure it by the sound generated by the bees. If it wasn’t quite as loud as one third of a tornado, it would come to about 331,000  bees.

    1. If you are only going for the nearest 1,000 you could probably just put the guy on a scale.

      Get his starting weight, get his max weight during the exercise, divide the delta by the average weight of a bee…

  3. i am please to announce that after years of intense daily training, i am tied for the world record of NOT letting any bees crawl on me. there are currently ZERO BEES on my body. i am at the top of my game.

  4. Why do people keep bothering to do meaningless “record breaking” b.s. like this?  It’s been done to death with not many people caring about any of the previous “records”….  Maybe they are just bored??

    1.  It’s only meaningless to the the people to whom it’s meaningless. To those whom it’s not meaningless, it’s not meaningless. Get my meaning?

  5. What about Jeroen Eisinga’s Springtime ? :

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