Perhaps Contraption, an art-punk marching band

On Saturday, I had the distinct pleasure of watching Perhaps Contraption ("a twisted brass, art punk marching band") at Saturday night's White Mischief steampunk night in London. They've got a shitload of horns onstage, rhythm for days, and some badass vocals. Perhaps you will enjoy them, as well.

Perhaps Contraption | Perhaps Contraption is an astonishing, twisted brass, art punk marching band.


    1. I thought the same thing. Makes some of the lyrics make more sense. She’s explaining to her grandma that she has figured out her aunts and uncles must have been using contraception because she has no cousins. 

  1. i love the general trend towards blurring musical styles and instruments into one contemporary “whuzzah??”

    so, that being said, these guys sound fantastic to me. thanks for posting this!

    1. Sorry to “actually…” you, but actually it’s pretty much just New Orleans Jazz played roughly. Don’t get distracted by the “marching” appellation, of which it is barely.

      1. Actually, “actually”, I’d say it bears a closer resemblance to gypsy music like that of Fanfare Vagabontu and their Romanian folk music inspired… uh… music!

        1. Actually, its just a bunch of  pebbles shaken about in a tin can. And trombone. On acid. And stuff.

        2. It’s not resemblance, it’s the actual rhythm that makes it NOLA. I was originally going to call it gypsy circus music before I listened further.

  2. Fun, really fun! I think I may have heard some of their stuff on the Radio Riel Steampunk online musicking thing and if not, I should have.

  3. The marching band thing seems to be springing up all over the place. Here in Denver there’s one called Itchy-O that shows up at places more-or-less at rondom. You’ll be at an outdoor festival, first Friday, or sometimes even at another band’s show entirely, and suddenly, out of nowhere: space-alien mariachi marching band of doom! It’s pretty awesome.

  4. More in the style, from France : La Fanfare En Pétard. (on the street, fun starts around 1’10) ; (on stage).

  5. Awesome stuff.  Must buy all of it.  Thanks, Cory!

    I’m not sure about the punk label, though I get why it applies.  But listening to more of their stuff, it’s like punk has gone so far around the sphere it’s coming back on progressive from the other side.  Listen to “Bluebells” on their Slude & Tripe album and see if it wouldn’t fit right in on a King Crimson album.

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