HOWTO make a very tiny kitchen knife

On EnglishRussia (and apparently ganked from a possibly defunct LiveJournal -- It looks like LJ had an outage earlier today), a wonderful detailed HOWTO for making the tiniest, most adorable kitchen knife you ever did see.

A kitchen knife may become an end in any argument… This knife is made on a scale of 1 to 12 from flat stained steel sheet 1.5 mm thick. Other elements are made of plastic and the clinchers are from aluminium wire 0.6 mm in diameter.The needed tools: a vise, 2 files, 3 broach files, abrasive paper of two types, a drill fixed on a vertical support – 1 set, a drill bit 0.6 mm, a piece of thick felt for polishing the handle, an extra wooden bar.

How To Make a Tiny Kitchen Knife (via @jwomack)


      1. OMG. You’re right. You know what’s kind of hilarious about this? I work for LJ and knew about the outage because it directly affected my job today. Completely blanked it out, though.

  1. Until I got a Chef’sChoice 300, I had a cheap sharpener that quickly reduced all my knifes to that size. Remember: “cheap” is not always a cost savings in the long run.

  2. Excellent! Now all I have to do is train rats to be my sous chefs and my Ratatouille theme restaurant will be complete!

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