Dekalb County Police: it's within policy for our officers to kick pregnant women in the stomach

When Dekalb County, Ga., police officer Jerad Wheeler tased her brother, Raven Dozie started crying and demanding to know why. Wheeler kicked the heavily-pregnant woman in the stomach. While he is now under criminal investigation, his superiors on the force squelched an internal affairs complaint and explicitly approve of his conduct.

"What kind of a human being kicks a pregnant woman? I mean, forget whether or not it is a police officer that is supposedly protecting people," Dozier's attorney Mark Bullman said. Dozier filed a complaint with the DeKalb police department's internal affairs unit, but it was never investigated. Instead, four supervisors and an internal affairs detective signed off that Wheeler's use of force met policy. ... Fleischer filed an open records request and found two more use-of-force complaints against Wheeler within the last nine months. In all three cases, the victims were not the focus of the original police incident.

Wheeler was accused of twisting a 53 year-old woman's arm in 2011. This January, he shot a family's chained dog after showing up at the wrong home on a call.


  1. This gentleman needs to be freed from the burden of possible further contact with any member of the public, or, indeed, any other sentient being, and, perhaps, if it is deemed prudent, the presence of oxygen.

    1. Perhaps if we were to politely insinuate to local religious leaders that this incident should be considered an ‘attempted abortion’ rather than good, old-fashioned, all-American police brutality…

      1.  I agree, and if it is to be considered as such, then she should be charged with failing to get her mandatory trans-vaginal ultrasound beforehand.

      2. I agree, his job needs to be  terminated, obviously this cop is an idiot.  You wonder if this is what he does on the job what would he do with his own family.  Pregnant woman go through crying stages they do not need to have a reason to cry and he had no right to kick her in the stomach their is no way that is in the manual that it is okay to kick a pregnant woman in the stomach, if that was me I would be suing his butt off and if anything is wrong with that baby when it is born they should press charges against  him for assault , attempted murder, whatever they can get the jerk on. Cops think because they carry a badge they are above authority and anything they do , even if it is against the law it is okay because they are a cop. I use to trust , respect and have faith in them after a situations I went through with my son that is not longer the case I do not respect, trust or have faith in them.

        1. He’s a bully, Peggy, pure & simple. He picks on women & defenseless animals. But over & above that, those who protected him should be at the very minimum admonished, it should be noted in their personnel files & those women should sue the police force.

    2. Perhaps stuffed in to a small, tightly sealed water-filled sac for 9 months to think about what he did?

    3. Notice how in the two incidents cited, women were involved. I’d say this cop is a bully. He needs to be fired, and their police force sued.

      1.  This guy is not simply a bully. He is psychotic and will continue to spread violence unless stopped.  His badge only increases his desire to hurt people, it gives him increased power.  How he got through the psychological testing phase is beyond me.

    4.  when I was a kid I was told to go to the police if I needed help.  My kids are afraid of the cops.  They would go to a n Occupy encampment for safety.  I just became a sustaining member of the ACLU only sending 15.00 a month but every bit helps.  We need more ACLU attorneys to keep fighting for all of us.   I hope that baby is okay.  He needs intense anger management therapy.  Sad too to be a human being that could kick a pregnant lady in the belly. :(

    5. i would think that kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach should be attempted murder. am i wrong? at the least this guy needs his teeth smashed in. 

  2.  Every time someone talks about “some rotten eggs in the basket” about police departments I think that either the basket is quite small or that the word “some” now means “most”…

    1. DO people really “rotten eggs”? THe idiom I hear is “bad apple”, from the adage that it only takes one to spoil the whole bunch.

      1.  Oh, sorry, my bad. English is not my first language and I was quite upset.

        Apples, eggs, watermelons… all that matters is that there is a lot of rot.

        1. You’re fine as far as I’m concerned. I particularly enjoyed how your critic, IRMO, attempts to correct you with horrible grammar: “DO people really “rotten eggs”?

        2.  Your English was just fine. But apparently there are not just a few “rotten eggs” in this basket. It seems as if the whole force has begun to stink. It’s time to throw the old eggs out and start over.

    2.  I think there might be some moth eggs on the wicker of the basket which are good… don’t worry.  You can upend the basket and they’ll still be there.

    3. I’ve said this here before but (IMO) it bears repeating — it doesn’t matter what percentage of the apples (or eggs) are rotten.   The whole metaphor is constructed to get you to accept unacceptable behavior.

      What’s weird is that the metaphor always comes up with cops, but rarely in any other matter.   

      The winning argument is not that all cops are like this, but that it’s unacceptable that ANY cops are like this (and even more so if they aren’t even going to be disciplined for it.)

      1. The real issue here is where are the “good” cops?  We always hear that they are in there somewhere, but you never hear them stand up and say, “My fellow officer was wrong”.  And you never will.  The “thin blue line” is above the law and beyond reproach.  The officer who breaks ranks to “snitch” on their “internal matters” is soon expelled.  You will never see a cop, who wants to stay a cop, do the right thing in cases like this.   So in reality there are no good cops.  How can you call one “good” when he would stand mute while things like this go on right in front of him, just to protect the “Thin Blue Line”

    4. What really does it for me is not that there are bad apples/rotten eggs/whatever, it’s that the thin blue line protects these sociopaths from any sort of consequences. So you’ve got (and I really do believe this) a whole basket of really good cops and a few bad ones, but a bureaucracy that is not just ineffective at rooting out the bad ones, but appears to have protecting and nurturing the rot as one of its primary goals. 

      Or, in simpler terms, “fuck tha police.”

      1. if the whole basket is full of really good cops (but for a few), there wouldn’t be any bad cops. The so-called “good cops” are just as bad, possibly worse, for not outing these assholes.

    5. I agree most cops think they can do whatever they want and it is okay , and we are suppose to respect these people , no way I would not even trust them as far as I can throw them and that is not too far. 

  3. Police seem to think they deserve a greater margin of leniency than civilians when it comes to incidents like this… as if their position of authority  affords them more room to make harmful/violent mistakes and get away with them…

    But it is exactly the other way around. The authority that WE allow them to have, as citizens of a democracy, comes with a price: they need to wield it with respect, decency, and extreme care.

    Police who disregard this respect, decency and care, and make harmful mistakes like this (whether intentional or otherwise) need to be held to a MORE STRICT standard than ordinary citizens, not less. If they want the power we give them, they need to use it wisely – and if they prove that they are unable to do so, that power should be taken away.

    In this specific case, it should be taken away immediately. This is insane.

    1. Of course, but police departments and entire towns, counties and states are similarly at fault for their values.  Town governments are allowing their police departments to behave this way, and those elected officials are just as at fault as the individuals. Reflect on the extreme protectionism that the town, county and state displayed during the Trayvon Martin incident leading up to… an arrest 3 months later…  I mean come on.  At that point it isn’t the police being dicks, it’s entire PLACES having fucked up values.

      1. Agreed, definitely. It’s a system-wide issue; a flaw in the existing structure of government and law enforcement. And, of course, it always comes back to us, the citizens. We allow this behavior, whether explicitly or through complicit silence/apathy…

    2. That whole “is/ought” thing is catching up to you. They OUGHT to be held to a more strict standard, but…

    3.  A corollary to this is laws that create more severe penalties against perpetrators when inflicted against law enforcement. A more severe penalty for striking/injuring/killing a cop is the state saying, in effect, that this person’s life is more valuable than that of someone who isn’t law enforcement.

    4. Hi Tom! I totally agree with you on this. I don’t understand what the problem is when things like this comes into play. The cops are given authority to protect and serve, not terrorize and destroy. I am confused by this and how they are always supported for their bad behavior…it’s unacceptable, especially when there has been similar behavior in their past.

      Why is it overlook? It’s like they are praises for attacking helpless people. Twisting the arm of a 53 year old woman, come on. Dude has some issues he needs to work out. He needs to be removed from the force and made to answer for his actions. Those in charge are only telling this cop and others that their behavior is alright and they will be excused in the event something like this happens. The justice system is not working…it needs to be re-vamped from the inside out from the top to the bottom (period).

  4. I’d bet Georgia has a fetal death/injury law.

    Being a cop has to be one of the hardest jobs to get fired from. And why? It’s not like they can’t get new recruits in today’s economy. Here’s my want ad headline: Not a Total Asshole? Consider a Career in Law Enforcement. 

    1. “Do you enjoy kicking pregnant women in the stomach or have you ever had the urge to? Dekalb County has a position waiting just for you!”

  5. “In his report, Officer Wheeler stated that two individuals, later identified as mother and fetus, approached him in an aggressive manner. Finding himself outnumbered, fearing for his personal safety and unable to see if the second individual was holding a weapon, he used force to defend himself. The proportionality of Officer Wheeler’s response is demonstrated by the fact that, although he had the opportunity to strike multiple blows, he limited himself to a single blow that incapacitated both attackers.”

      1. That face needs to be photoshopped into a Hitlerjuenge uniform or a snappy SS getup.  And there’s a good chance he already owns one.

  6. I hear that they’re hiring at the Oakland PD to gear up for the expected increase in stupid student hippies in need of pepper spray in the face over the summer. Officer Wheeler should apply, get some big-name recognition for his testosterone-fueled moves instead of his awesome pregnant-woman-kicking skills being wasted in hicksville, Georgia. He could be a star!


    1. The worst part of this is that it’s NOT Hicksville, GA. Being in Dekalb County, this was either IN Atlanta or right outside. Hardly a rural or redneck area. 

    1. I ask my self the same thing each time I see something like this (which is more than once daily now).   I think this will continue and escalate till asshole cops(TSA, etc) are held to real account which is impossible in the current system.  

    2. When enough people pull the buds out of their ears, put their iThings down, and look around.

    1.  Hmmm. Nothing under “Interests” about kicking pregnant women. But there is that “Raw and living foods” that makes me wonder a bit . . . Somehow I doubt that this guy is a vegetarian. Draw your own conclusions.

      1. You can’t ridicule and harass most groups on FB without joining them. He could be a veg/an/raw, in which case he should try something else. If you find yourself kicking pregnant women in the fetus, there is nothing about yourself that -doesn’t- need a review and/or change.

        I wonder if the old woman he assaulted was african-american like the pregnant woman he kicked, likewise I wonder what background the family is whose dog he shot. 

        1. Oh yeah, racism is everywhere. I am wondering if the dog was black.
          Why some people just don’t want to understand that there is such a thing as a police brutality, unrelated to race? Google Kelly Thomas.

    2.  Hey.  He studied “Philosophy.”  I’m sure he can explain the logic and need of his actions.

    3. Looks like he took his Facebook down – I couldn’t access it.  I’m hoping he got a reaming on Facebook from outraged individuals. 

        1.  Yep. Looks like the same dude. Or Laura Messier is in a relationship with two guys with the exact same interests.

  7. C’mon, now.  We’ve already read about the TSA’s valiant attempts to thwart baby terrorists.  This brave officer was just trying to subdue a baby terrorist while it was still in utero.

  8. In his facebook photos he is pictured at a NAGA event (North American Grappling Association) — Some kind of wrestling or fighting thing I guess. I’m not really familiar with that stuff, but that’s what it appears to be.  So not only did he kick a pregnant woman in the stomach, he may be a trained figher.

    And yeah, I messaged him and told him how much I value his ‘service’. Maybe it was immature, tough cookies.

    1. He is a trained fighter. Farther down on his page are some public posts where he boasts about earning new belts. 

      I guess he found his mortal enemy, PREGNANT WOMEN. Or maybe he is just confusing himself with the GOP. 

  9. I used to live in Dekalb County and the police are utterly corrupt.  Even though burglaries were epidemic on my street, the police never reported them, no matter how many calls they got.  That way, the realtors could say (as they did to help con me into buying a house) that the police had no record of crimes on that street. 

    They did, however, show up in force (4 squad cars and who knows how many police) when a woman who rented a house two doors down from me walked out into the street one Sunday morning naked, yelling and high as a kite.  When I turned into my street on my way back from going to the park with the dog, one of the officers backed into my car without looking, knocked out my headlights, crumpled my front bumper and then called another officer who wrote ME a ticket.  Later that year I even had a letter from them because they were dunning my insurance company for the damage to their squad car.  After I fired off a furious letter to my insurer telling them what really happened, they refused to pay. 

    So, if you get mugged or robbed in Dekalb, don’t bother the police because they will do nothing.  They do, however, set speed traps everywhere and make a nuisance of themselves that way.  They’re so lazy that even the speed traps are always within a few blocks of their precinct offices.

    1. wow, that sounds just like my old hometown, memphis.

      the police state is already here, and has been for some time.

      when it comes to removing that garbage monster from this mortal coil, you had me at “chained dog.”

    2. What is the significance of the fact that your insurance company refused to pay?  All that means is that you owe the money.  If instead they were stepping forward to defend you in court, I’d feel better.

    1. “itsy bitsy newborn photography?”

      abortions for some, miniature american flags for others!

  10. DeKalb County keeps on giving .


    1. Was reading some of the comments and am not surprised how they openly discuss how they use their tax payer paid for police department vehicles and gas accounts.  One guy says, “I haven’t paid for gas in years”.  DOesn’t GA have Senators voting for the austerity package.  How many of these guys are Tea Party members?

    2. Well I think  Jerad Wheeler needs to be fired for his actions.   My father was a cop in Ft. Worth, TX for 30 years, and I can tell you from experience that when a man straps on his gun belt it changes him. He abused my mother and all four of us kids for years. But I took the brunt of it , because I was the only one who would stand up to him. The last time he beat me I was 38 years old and when I called the police they did nothing because they were all friends! So I moved to St. Louis, MO. to be with my daughter’s father and that was11 years ago. My father has since apologized to me, i haven’t totally forgiven him, but I am trying. I won’t be alone with him under any circumstances, I am not talking sexual abuse , I am talking physical abuse. And all cops are the same, they think they are God. I have no respect for the law, because I know first hand what they are like.

  12. I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant——-“Until that dumb ass police officer kicked me in my belly.”

  13. send him this shirt?

  14. Can’t we just admit that it’s refreshing for them to not even do a pretend investigation?

  15. Every time that I glance at his picture, I start singing:
    ♫ The sun in the meadow is summery varm. ♪
    ♪ The stag in the forest runs free! ♫

  16. I’ve lived in DeKalb County most of my life. The DeKalb County police are notorious for their uselessness. They do nothing to stop crime and everything to harass the law-abiding citizens. This one filthy pig is nothing unusual for DCP.

  17. Bad apple…
    Problems in the system…
    Degeneration in society…
    You know, this all bullshit. The problem is that American men have become sheep and will not stand up and beat the shit out of someone like this as he deserves. This ‘police officer’ needs to be beaten into the hospital, and then kicked down the effing hallway into the alley to recover as best he can without medical care.
    I am former LEO and when I read crap like this I realize that my society I was born into and taught to respect is not dying, it is dead to the point the flesh is nearly dry on the bones of its corpse.

  18. While DeKalb is  the latest poster child for covering up abuse by officers maybe it is time to stop trying to swat this crap down 1 corrupt department at a time.

    Police “society” is a subset of our own. 
    They depend on each other having their backs, and we are surprised when this extends to allegations against them.
    They are charged with upholding the law, and even the most junior member of the force gets to see first hand how those laws do not have to apply to them.
    Society is supposed to contain checks and balances, but we abdicated this responsibility when it comes to police because we fear what “might” happen if we start holding them to standards.  ‘Blue Flu’ is not unheard of, unions launch costly lawsuits to keep cops charged with all sorts of horrific crimes on the job, and even if they come right out and admit they are guilty the city bears the costs.  Whats the downside again?  We can’t fire them, we can’t sue them, we make them untouchable.

    Part of this is our own fault, we want to them to pleasant and reassuring in our time of need, and to know deep down when they find the person who wronged us they will do what we wish for in our deepest desires. 
    The guy who mugged you and knocked you down, you quietly are thrilled to hear he “resisted” arrest and his face looks like hamburger now.
    The guy who broke into your house and robbed you, you are happy on the inside to hear he pulled a gun and was shot.

    We want Officer Friendly when we break a little law like 5 over the speed limit, and we want Officer Asskicker when someone wrongs us.  When you expect them to flip back and forth like this, why are you surprised when they decide its just easier to be Officer Asskicker?  That Officer Friendly gets a little fed up with someone lying for the 14th time today that there was no way they were doing 5 over and he is just trying to make money and he is the son of a whore etc etc etc…
    Now not everyone does this, but enough people do.

    Now I am not trying to justify what this ‘fine upstanding example of LEO’ did in this case, but it is worth mentioning we ALL have fault in this.  We have not demanded better, we have not changed the system, its not “our” problem… until it is.  The TSA looked good on paper, and is completely failed in practice.  People will give it lipservice online but how many have actually written their congresscritter and demanded reform?  If we don’t do more than grumble, we get what we deserve.

    It should be damn clear that how the police work in the US is broken.  I don’t have the answers, but to just sit and complain and not try to make that change happen or wait for someone else to do the heavy lifting… we are just as culpable in the problem.

    DeKalb should be investigated, dismantled, and the proper people brought to justice… but the people of DeKalb need to do their part and demand better and create systems that have active checks and balances to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

    1.  Somebody breaks into my house and tries to rob me is gonna meet the wrong end of three feet of sharpened steel.  No police required. 
      Thank you Castle Laws.

    2. Very well put and you make a solid point. I personally have written to my congresscritter on many issues, and what do I get back a form letter, which tells me.Im here for you! @boingboing-82164bffe4ccc2dbd0163c9486f9e62a:disqus Blablabla, but do they ever really do anything? I doubt it, its all a pacifier. This world is going to hell in a handbasket. Evil rules everywhere. The good will die young more and more.

    3. Very well put and you make a solid point. I personally have written to my congresscritter on many issues, and what do I get back a form letter, which tells me.Im here for you! @boingboing-82164bffe4ccc2dbd0163c9486f9e62a:disqus Blablabla, but do they ever really do anything? I doubt it, its all a pacifier. This world is going to hell in a handbasket. Evil rules everywhere. The good will die young more and more.

  19. this man is a rabid dog and deserves the same treatment as we would afford a rabid dog.
    his superiors are our enemies, they support this.
    the whole thing is rotten.

  20. Just let Americans know what precinct he works at…..and what time that piece of sh*t comes on-duty.  That’s all.

  21. Obviously you can do whatever the hell you want as a police officer and not get fired. How can this abuse possibly be justified?

    I’m glad that the baby seems to be fine. I seem to be trusting police officers less and less these days. The “good” cops always protect and shield the bad cops, yet bitch and complain and seem utterly shocked when the citizenry doesn’t trust them.

  22. I always love how they try to protect their own. If anything, if I was a police officer, my reaction would likely be even stronger than the public’s reaction, as this sort of behavior would reflect badly on me and my profession. Maybe it is a union thing, but professionally you would think this sort of thing would merit being very quickly thrown under the bus.

  23. I don’t understand why he isn’t fired?? Obviously he isn’t mentally capable enough to handle the job… He needs to be locked up in a padded cell where he can’t hurt anyone else! Even better, rotting in a jail cell so he can get buttraped by other bigger inmates. 

  24. The media neglects to mention that this is the cop that was in the news just recently for shooting a friendly approaching dog that was on a leash while the cop was unwarranted on the property.

  25. more and more youre hearing stories of how police officers are turning bad and into the opposite of what they stand for. throwing dogs down steps, kicking pregnant ladies, tasing old women…i mean come on thats is low as it gets!!!

    they wonder why people break the law so much or just dont have any respect to those who wear a uniform. i know as i get older i look at the police as a joke. 

    when you call them to sort out an issue, they dont care or find some excuse in the law book as to why they cant perform a specific task. 

    like sitting on a corner watchin some asshole in a mercedes do 20 MPH over speed limit, wont pull him over, but i have one (of two) of my license plate lights out and i was pulled over with 2 more police called in as backup. FOR A LIGHT BULB!!! and wasnt even given a ticket just a hassle! wtf! wait till this country starts arming themselves even more (i know i cant wait for my concealed license to come in from Tallahassee). trust me we wont need anyone to protect and serve us….
    well do it our damn selves! i mean…since it seems we cant rely on those, who GET PAID FROM OUR TAX DOLLARS, to do it!!!so in other words……you can clock out and go home, dont worry we got this…

  26. This is NOT a one-off, accident, or “bad apple” phenomenon. If you had a google alert set up for this stuff, stories would be flying in on the order of 4 or 5 new ones PER DAY. The same is true for child abuse, and child murder. I was getting hundreds of new stories per month, while running an aggregation blog about it. 

    Our civilization is more violent than it has ever been, and we work harder than ever to pretend we’re not. It’s horrifying and tragic. :(

  27. Again, the police are no longer on our side.  . ..they merely function as this society’s bullies with a badge and are accountable to almost no one.. .. Don’t talk to them and don’t help them in any way. . .

  28. If the police department deems this appropriate action for an officer for a non-offender because she is crying and asking questions, then I would say that the entire department needs an overhaul. This officer is guilty of criminal assault and battery and needs to be in a cell somewhere. The State needs to investigate this department and clean house.

  29. For what it’s worth, I was once told that at least 5% of any profession acts  illegally or criminally.  Doesn’t matter if its your local Rabi  or Priest, your law enforcement officers, your military, or even your local baker.

    That doesn’t excuse those in the wrong, but when I read the comments here, after they have only read one side of a story, I begin to wonder how they would feel if they were persecuted in the media. Even if they were not in the wrong, but were portrayed as evil because thats the headlines that grab attention and will get the most “hits”.

    1. Okay, setting aside the fact that priests are vilified in the media every day of the year due to the child abuse scandals of the recent past last two millennia, how many bakers and rabbis taze sick people to death or kick pregnant women in the abdomen?

      1.  I believe the rabbi comment was in reference to the rabbi/mohels giving those poor babies STDs during the circumcisions they performed where they ritually suck the blood off the penis after they cut off the foreskin.  At least two babies cut by one Mohel died of infection.

  30.  Comrade Hero Jared Wheeled is being good police person when he is kicking woman in stomach. Is not for comrade proletariat to be making judging on hims. Back in Mother Russia even as child in wombs we are learning not to be making problems with police. With many conservations of energy Comrade Hero Police Person of the Peoples Wheelers is making instructions to both ignorant big mouth mother and stupid baby is in womb to all keep mouths shut while policeing is going on. Stupid lawyer is not understanding how police is running in communist country. America not more land of free. Now is land of prols and weak peoples. Welcome to Russia comrades.

  31. Now my brother Boris is told me I have made comment not to be understanded by prols.  Here is simple thing now must be remembered: you make problem for polices with mouth, polices making problem for your faces with boot. Is simple.

  32. Remeber now,we are talking about Georgia,where the tooth brush was invented. If it had been invented anywhere else,we would call it a teeth brush. This is a side effect of inbreeding. You can’t devorce your wife if she’s your sister

  33. i wonder if a cop kicked that cops pregnant wife…would he be so accepting of this behavior, and say…well hunny, its in our procedure, so our unborn will  have to suffer the possible consequences and your just gona have to deal with it!!!!!!    this man is inhumane and needs to be in jail among everyone else that kicks pregnant woman!!!!!

  34. As a non-American I initially found this story mind-boggling, almost incomprehensible. Why didn’t Wheeler’s colleagues restrain him? Or even shoot him?

    Then I looked at the picture of Ms Dozier’s huge pregnant stomach.

    She’s black. (As I suspect most American readers would have immediately understood.)

    It’s Georgia.

    It all makes monstrous, racist, genocidal sense now.

    Honestly, America, when are you going to stop this vileness for good and all?

  35. look at this supposed cop he looks like he is fresh out of high school more than likely one of those kids stuffed into locker as a kid in high school, further more he looks like one of the skinheads we have in pockets around this nation 

  36. The matter at hand is not the poor use of the english grammar or language, but that this cop should no longer be able to carry a weapon or be apart of the justice system. Cops like these give actual good cops bad names. Just like any other race, sex, or animal that is depicted of being all BAD because of others that ARE bad, is not fair. 

  37. But also if the woman was getting in his face and what not because its in Georgia and the woman was black, there should have been other ways of dealing with her. Like have your police partner restrain her. Cuff her and put her in jail as well. Though I just don’t see why she had to be kicked in the stomach. That is just wrong. Just like they say if you can’t say anything nice don’t say any thing at all. Or if you can’t play nice, to keep your hands to your self. But because of the fact that he has had previous attacks on helpless people and a dog this guy needs a mental evaluation. 

  38. I want his badge.  I want his badge and I want his head.  I also want the badges and heads of his superiors.  They should all be sacked, and then, the people in charge of the sacking, should then be sacked.

  39. What a sick, sick bastard as are those who agree with him. This is why I raised MY daughters to know that cops are very often the last ones we can trust. 
    I’m very interested in the pathology that a person suffers to make this OK. And that pathology sure seems prevalent in certain posters here. 

  40. He looks like a Nazi skinhead…. not that everyone with a shaved head is one but a perpensity for violence and a history of seemingly “discriminatory” aggression does make me wonder if there is a another reason he is soo angry……

  41. Please understand that all police officers are not bad, most of them are here to do the job they get paid to do.  But you still have that good old white boy type cop that has that overseer type mind set.  Those are the one that need the foot to ass talk.  XD

  42. Sounds like this moron is either related to somebody important or has something on somebody important

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