Disassembled: animated short in which Marvel superheroes have very bad days

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Above, "Disassembled," a wonderful, not-authorized-by-Marvel animated take on Avengers characters and other figures of the Marvel universe by Junaid Chundrigar.

"I decided to make this short animation after drawing some Marvel characters in a cartoony style," he explains. If you like this, you'll love his previous short, "Sheeped Away." More of his animated work here.


  1. Speaking of Spiderman . . .
    In the comic back in the 60s where Spidey first confronts Dr. Octopus, Doc Ock kidnaps the love interest of Spiderman & holes up in a deserted amusement park, sending out a challenge to Spidey to come rescue her if he dares.  Spiderman goes after him, though he is starting to feel . . funny.   Doc Ock & Spidey start to battle, except our hero is strangely weak & slow.  “Wait, you’re not Spiderman!” Dr. Octopus snarls, grabbing Spidey & ripping off his mask.  “It’s that weakling Peter Parker!!” Doc Ock shouts, & throws him contemptuously aside.  The police take Peter back to Aunt Bea’s house, tell her he is a brave but foolish boy, & he goes straight to bed, where he sleeps off the 24 hour virus he had.  The next day he goes out & kicks Dr. Octopus’ ass.

  2. Pretty good! Kudos for using the sad face Hulk music from the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno TV version.

  3. Very good – although the geek in me couldn’t stop itself thinking shit like “The Silver Surfer would easily take one of Cyclop’s optic blasts in his stride, especially from that distance!”

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