Alt Cartoonist Receives High Praise from Establishment


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  1. Halloween_Jack says:

    I wouldn’t put too much weight on the Pulitzer, especially the one for cartooning, as they’ve given two of the things to the loathsome Michael Ramirez (AFAIK the only cartoonist so honored). 

    • RJ says:

       I don’t keep up with either Pulitzer awards or political cartoons, so I had no idea who Michael Ramirez was until you mentioned him. Now I see he’s an apparently conservative cartoonist. Nice bit of viral advertising you did there.

    • princeminski says:

      A number of cartoonists have received Pulitzers, including Herb Block himself (Rollin Kirby got three). Walt Kelly never got one, which, to me, is far more egregious than somebody having the wrong political views.

  2. SamSam says:

    Thanks for posting this — I just slipped down a Bors wormhole for an hour or so there. Oops, supposed to be working.

  3. Gotta love Portland. In addition to the great cartoonists mentioned in this piece, the City is home to graphic novelists Joe Sacco of “Palestine” & “Footnotes from Gaza” fame; Craig Thompson artist/author of “Habibi;” and of course, Linda Medley of  “Castle Waiting” fame.  Must be the Voodoo Doughnuts.

  4. Frank Diekman says:

    I like how in the cartoon, St. Peter’s speech baloon tail is going through the center of his halo. Neat little touches like that are the mark of a great cartoonist.

  5. Jym Dyer says:

    I am impressed with Matt Bors’ bravery, humor, and overall talent. He’s what an editorial cartoonist should be.

  6. tbetz says:

    Unfortunately, the Trudeau talk has been taken down from YouTube. Is it available anywhere else?

    • Odd! It was posted by the Herblock Foundation. Perhaps it needed editing? I would expect that Trudeau was asked for the rights to air the talk, as all previous Herblock Award Lecture presenters are on YouTube. (Including Barack Obama in 2005!)

      I expect it will return.

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