Ukiyo Link

Jed Henry paints Nintendo heroes in Ukiyo-e style. Here's Link about to find out that arrows are futile against enenra. [via Gamovr]


  1. No…Link is fighting Gannon, the big bad guy from the Zelda universe. Some sort of a pig demon thing. And he is, in fact, defeated by shooting him with a silver arrow, at least in the original NES game.

    Sorry if that’s a spoiler for anyone on how to win, but I’d hope 25 years was enough spoiler time. ;-)

  2. I like these and I can’t wait to see more of them.  Just last week I was thinking of doing some ukiyo-e inspired mash-up stuff of my own. Does Jed do  these with ink and/or paint or are they digital?

    1. Thanks, Jed. I thought that your lines looked really crisp and might be “analog.” I’m going to have to pick up some more brushpens.  It’s fun how you incorporated the Triforce as a textile motif

  3. This is 10,000,000,000 kinds of awesome. I studied Ukiyo-e in college for my degree, love them deeply, and love Zelda even more deeply. This is the beauty of the modern age incarnate. I MUST HAVE A POSTER OF THIS!

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