Maker Faire live video


3 Responses to “Maker Faire live video”

  1. penguinchris says:

    Cool. I went for the first time last year (though I didn’t spot you, Mark – I was looking) and am sad I’m missing it this year. 

  2. spejic says:

    I just came home from the Faire. 100,000 people is too many people.

  3. John McGaw says:

    I was there today, my first time. What a madhouse! I wasn’t expecting anything quite so overwhelmingly huge. Going was a total coincidence — I was making a cross-country drive in the Miata following the old Lincoln Highway and happened upon an announcement of the Faire so I decided to stay in the Bay Area before heading up the coast and thence to Yellowstone and then home to Tennessee. It was fun but I was disappointed to find nobody selling components for walking ‘bots, my next project. Oh well…

    BTW loads of good food vendors.

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