Second attempt for SpaceX Falcon 9/Dragon launch: Tue. May 22, 3:44am ET

A second launch attempt for the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft is scheduled for 3:44am EDT, Tuesday May 22. Weather is currently 80% go. Watch it live here. For background, watch Miles O'Brien's PBS NewsHour feature, and SpaceFlightNow's QA with SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. SpaceFlightNow will also have live coverage from Mission Control, with streaming video. (Image: SpaceFlightNow)


  1. I think they are showing the launch on NASA TV too.  I’m gonna stay up late and check it out. 

  2. Noones getting the joke.  This is a set from an unaired Gerry Anderson pilot.  I’m the only one who noticed this?

    1.  Since there were no passengers on this flight, I think the TSA was SOL this time. 

      (And I’m not talking about the Satellite of Love if you catch my drift).

      1. To make the obligatory (?) obscure MST3K reference, I was reminded of the time Mike broke the Hubble when I saw an animation of Dragon docking with ISS since it’s got solar panels like Hubble and ISS is going to grab it with the robotic arm. 

        1. I don’t think that there’s really such a thing as an obscure MST reference here.

  3. The wife and I woke up our 4 year old to watch it from the lawn here in Orlando.  All part of our not so subtle conditioning attempts to create an astronaut.

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