Attract potential romantic partners with these animated LED glasses

[Video Link] I saw these glasses in action at the Maker Faire 2012 wrap dinner. The gents from macetech LLC who were wearing them were the life of the party.

We at macetech LLC are proud of our existence as an intra-spacetime provider of technology. Our goal is to insert technological developments into the time periods where they should exist, rather than where they were initially developed. The LED matrix shades project was successfully inserted into 1981 at considerable risk.


  1. Combining that with an accelerometer/gyro to modify the patterns based on head movement/orientation would be sweet. E.g., what if when you nodded your head up and down, the lights moved back and forth. Shake your head side to side, and they bob up and down.

    1. Or some sort of audio input so that they would visualize to the beat of whatever music was playing (or, I suppose, to your voice when you were talking).

  2. This has to be brighter than a headlamp flashlight  in your face at close range, which is super annoying-  But it looks like it would be cool from a distance. Dimming function knob would be cool.

  3. This was one of the funniest headlines I’ve ever read but I leave disheartened.
    Those glasses were available in 1981 but no longer seem to exist outside of the underground ‘arduino’ scene.

  4. I don’t think a neurotypical person could talk to somebody wearing these. Instant blinding headache. So, if you want to hit on aspies…

    1. If a woman was both hitting on me and wearing these glasses, it’d be love at first (blinding) sight as far as I’m concerned, so you may be right.

  5. The only thing I am attracting with these LED babies is pure, uncut awesome.  Once I pop the collar on my Members’ Only jacket, the club’s gonna be mine aaaaaallll night long.

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