Google publishing data on all copyright takedowns it receives


4 Responses to “Google publishing data on all copyright takedowns it receives”

  1. Funk Daddy says:

    Someone call Google and tell them any information that they release that is not searchable strikes us normal folk as stupidly ironic or just stupid. 

    I’m too busy to do it right now, trimming my toenails.

  2. spejic says:

    I have a personal experience with Google’s handling of copyright takedown notices. But because my site of Van Damme movie reviews (every word of which was written by me) was on Google Sites, it wasn’t just delinked from searches, it was fully suspended. I filed an appeal, and week later my site was mysteriously restored. I still have no idea who send the copyright notice or what it was about. And the appeal process is simply a button saying “I appeal”. You have no opportunity to make a statement on your own behalf.

    It’s a process that left me confused and concerned that it could happen again at any time.

  3. penguinchris says:

    Elegant Angel is a porn company (I had to look it up). Sounds like they’re a bunch of dicks and assholes.

  4. Alan Wexelblat says:

    Thanks for the pointer.  I should probably note that I had a brief conversation with the product manager for this via Google+ and he agreed that lack of search was a significant issue and added it to their feature request list. No promises, of course, but at least they’re aware.

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