Gweek 054: Win a DeLorean!


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  1. lesliedotcom says:

    Anyone know why residents of Florida and D.C are excluded from the contest?

  2. royaltrux says:

    I bought the audio book  :(

    I did enjoy it very much, however  :)

  3. penguinchris says:

    Pretty sure I don’t have a chance at actually figuring it out (especially since I don’t have a copy of the book). The people who win puzzle contests like that are pretty crazy (in a good way). 

    I’ll definitely pick up a copy of the book though now that it’s in paperback since I’ve been wanting to read it, so who knows :)

  4. roundart says:

    I just ordered the book on Amazon.  Can’t wait!  Sounds like it’s right up my ally!

  5. G3 says:

    Or, I can wait to see who wins it, then go all Tommy Vercetti on his ride

  6. I read the novel and right of the bat my main beef with it was that no worldwide online easter egg hunt would ever last more than a few hours, let alone years. Judging by the comments in this article, I guess my point stands proven =P

  7. Shawn Braley says:

    I have a complaint. I will start by saying that I do LOVE this book and think the contest is a clever idea. However, the contest in the book was made to be a fair fight. This one is not. The “Easter eggs” being only in the printed copies of the books is BULLSHIT. I purchased the audiobook and find it absurd that I would have to purchase a hard copy to find the Eggs. I am sure people that bought the ebook feel the same. I feel the contest is simply a way to sell more copies. I hate to think of Ernie Cline as greedy but i now do.

    •  Have you heard of the public library?  We have many print copies of the book.  Nearly every book contest is based exclusively on the print versions.  If the clues are acrostics or something how is he supposed to make this work in an audiobook (or in Russian etc). 

      • Shawn Braley says:

        Yes, I know what a library is. Are you aware that a public library does not carry every book ever published? Do I expect clues to be in the audiobook?  Do you know how to read a comment and fully understanding is before being a smart ass? My comment was meant to be more of an analogy between this contest and the one from the book. As far as the clues working in an audiobook, i passed the first gate.

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