Recreating iconic Banksy images as photos


13 Responses to “Recreating iconic Banksy images as photos”

  1. Nels Nelson says:

    Hate to nitpick, but its not still-life, there are people in there.  

  2. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    Real life imitating art?


    I love how Banksy’s best ideas balance commentary with humor in a form that the viewer immediately grasps.  It may just be vandalism but it shows a highly developed sense of composition.  And how many other anonymous celebrities are there?  I respect the guy for avoiding personal fame and letting his work speak for itself.

  4. Es See says:

    I love when “artists” take something already existing and change the format. yeah right! The graffiti that Banksy put up was relevant and made statements opposing certain ways of thinking. This is just a trifling artists attempt to get famous while riding coattails. No talent, or original thought or even a valid reason of why this needed to be done outside being a school project. But hey I’m sure theres plenty of sheep who’ll buy this “art”.

    The best and worst part about art is its subjectivity.

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