eBook Review: Old Soul

Joseph Wurtenbaugh's Old Soul is a fantastic Kindle Single. I tore through this short story, unwilling to put it down.

A tale of survival, change and perhaps the source of that eerie deja-vu that plagues you; Wurtenbaugh tells the story of That-Which-Had-Been. We follow a microbiological organism as it journeys from its dying host to another, and another, seeking a new home.

I can't recommend Old Soul highly enough. For .99 this is a do not miss Kindle Single!

Joseph Wurtenbaugh's Old Soul


  1. I love reading book reviews but hate reading Kindle-specific ones. Why? Because of Amazon’s horrible, anti-consumer, Apple-esque business practices. I’m glad you love this book but as long as it’s coming from Amazon it means I can’t read it because I choose to use an ebook reader other then the Kindle (Kobo Touch in case you’re interested). Mine can read a ton more formats than the Kindle but it can’t read their stupid proprietary format.

    So please, can you just review books that are available to everyone in future?

    1. I understand your preference, however, my preferred reading device is the Kindle — much for the reasons Bruce Diamond cites. I can read on my iPad, my iPhone or my various laptops. I can easily loan and share books with my friends and family.

      When I find or someone offers me a link to a story I’ve read that is in an alternative format I will gladly share it. I would love for everyone to have free and open access to every book ever written — for now I am reading them on a Kindle.

      1. Fair enough. I don’t have a tablet, a smartphone or anything like that. I don’t read books on a computer because it looks and feels horrible, my eyes hurt after 10 minutes. I just have an ebook reader. I bought a Kobo because it had an e-ink screen and it could read every format under the sun – particularly open ones like .epub – and it pains me that Amazon has cornered the market and tries to make sure that their books are unreadable on anything but their own devices. But thanks for saying you’ll share other links when people find them.

        Bruce, why is this ‘awfully demanding’? There are a ton of books out there in formats everyone can enjoy (without having to ruin their eyes or shell out for expensive mobile devices). Is it really demanding that reviews be inclusive of all people?

  2. Thanks Jason,
    I read ” old soul” last night….
    This morning, walking my path through the
    woods, wind overhead in the trees
    I started to shake my head
    laughing oddly in the middle
    one-der-ring what bubbled inside of me
    I wrote it down
    It’s kind of nonsense.
    I’m letting myself be goofy, more soul, full these days
    Here goes da shite

    My impression/ reaction to sleeping overnight
    on having just read ” the old soul”

    Cheesits, omg! Lust out loud
    Broaden your sodom
    deepen your gamora
    Back of one, slack of another two
    allow as well, its not other
    hm, hm, that’s. three
    an old sew with an eternal golem thread
    Y, Thank you
    There’s snow going back

    I’m new here
    Didn’t make it up
    just swimming like goo u,
    Sharing a’s… buoys be’s… c’s,
    see, sea rider…

    Intensely gratifying
    and gracious read
    martin r..
    . for now… kinda’

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