eBook Review: Don't Eat Cat

Zombies that aren't even really dead! Jess Walter's Don't Eat Cat is a new (to me) and creative take on the coming zimbo epidemic.

Set in not-to-far-in-the-future Seattle, Walters paints a picture of a broken America. People frustrated by reproduction laws, intelligence testing that dictates the course of their lives, and Starbucks playing a lead role in US economy can apparently turn to zombie-ism as an escape! Through the abuse of a club drug they become quasi-functional zombies and forget all their cares; a pseudo-suicide that society seems desperate to accept.

A super fast read for lovers of zombie lit.

Jess Walter's Don't Eat Cat


  1. Where I live, a small yown in Portugal, people actually eat cats. Still, not a single zombie so far

  2. Why would anyone eat a cat? They aren’t exactly “meaty” and with sinew shaped muscles I don’t think that would make great eating!

    1.  Skinned cat looks like skinned rabbit.
      In times of famine is usual to substitute one for another, and maybe when better times comes the gusto for cat meat remains.

          1. I find rabbit to be extraordinarily flavorless. I don’t really get why anyone but subsistence hunters would eat it.

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