UK government offers unlimited budget to pay ISPs to spy on us


7 Responses to “UK government offers unlimited budget to pay ISPs to spy on us”

  1. IronEdithKidd says:

    Austerity for people, blank cheques for corporations. 

  2. Sarge Misfit says:

    The United Kingdom’s new motto “Making the taxpayers pay for the costs of violating the privacy of the taxpayers.”

  3. Teirhan says:

    surely the deficit hawk equivalents of the UK will reverse their support of this legislation after this!

  4. scotchmi_st says:

    It wouldn’t be okay if this were an effective or profitable way for the government to spend money. It isn’t even that.

  5. Awesome, I wonder where this cash is coming from, considering we’re cutting the budgets of important services I’ve health care and education.

    Either way, at least we have enough spare cash for needless spying.

    See you in the European Court of Human Rights Mr. Cameron.

  6. Dub Google says:

    Geat Comment on Question Time earlier, drawing the idea of this together with the outrage of  Newspapers eavesdropping on mobiles…

  7. rocobo9 says:

    anyone know how to configure a router to use TOR?

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