Hollywood's secret, aggressive copyright lobbying campaign in Canada


5 Responses to “Hollywood's secret, aggressive copyright lobbying campaign in Canada”

  1. ffabian says:

    “it begs the question of how they did it.”

  2. signsofrain says:

    In my opinion, the internet is important to the future of the human race. We should therefore boycott all media produced by big companies who use the money we spend on entertainment to try and harm the biggest catalyst of positive social change ever seen and reduce opportunities to innovate and compete in the digital marketplace.

    So if you care about the future, and about a free internet, deprive these monsters of their operating funds! Pirate all big-media you consume! But please, continue paying the indies who produce good work without all the “let’s legislate ourselves back in time, and this time we’ll SUCCEED in banning the VCR!” Hollywood nonsense.

  3. Richard Dagenais says:

    Who cares. What they produce is crap anyway, nobody even wants to steal it.

  4. Funk Daddy says:

    Yet the Harper Government insists that environmental groups in Canada that form ties with like-minded groups outside of Canada to influence policy are “radicals” being financed by “foreign special interest groups”.

    You can’t have it both ways Harper Government, except they will.

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