Hollywood's secret, aggressive copyright lobbying campaign in Canada

Michael Geist sez,

Over the past few years, the Motion Picture Association - Canada, the Canadian arm of the MPAA, has recorded nearly 100 meetings with government ministers, MPs, and senior officials. While their lobbying effort will not come as a surprise, last October there were several meetings that fell outside the norm. On October 18, 2011, MPA-Canada reports meeting with Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore, Foreign Minister John Baird, and Industry Canada Senior Associate Deputy Minister Simon Kennedy, all on the same day. These meetings occured less than three weeks after the introduction of Bill C-11 and the decision to sign ACTA, and only eight days before SOPA was launched in the U.S.

To get a sense of how rare these meeting were, this is the only registered meeting John Baird has had on intellectual property since Bill C-11 was introduced and ACTA was signed by Canada. Similarly, since the introduction of Bill C-11, James Moore has only two intellectual property meetings listed - this one with MPA-Canada and one in March 2012 with the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (in fact, Moore had only three meetings on intellectual property in all of 2011. Those meetings were with MPA-Canada, the Canadian Recording Industry Association, and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce). Even the Simon Kennedy meeting was a rarity as he has had multiple meetings with pharmaceutical companies, but only two (MPA-Canada and the Canadian Council of Chief Executives) that appear to have included copyright. Given how unusual it is for a single lobby group to gain access to two of Canada's leading cabinet ministers and a senior department official on the same day, it begs the question of how they did it.

The MPAA's Secret Lobby Campaign on Bill C-11 and a Canadian SOPA


  1. In my opinion, the internet is important to the future of the human race. We should therefore boycott all media produced by big companies who use the money we spend on entertainment to try and harm the biggest catalyst of positive social change ever seen and reduce opportunities to innovate and compete in the digital marketplace.

    So if you care about the future, and about a free internet, deprive these monsters of their operating funds! Pirate all big-media you consume! But please, continue paying the indies who produce good work without all the “let’s legislate ourselves back in time, and this time we’ll SUCCEED in banning the VCR!” Hollywood nonsense.

  2. Yet the Harper Government insists that environmental groups in Canada that form ties with like-minded groups outside of Canada to influence policy are “radicals” being financed by “foreign special interest groups”.

    You can’t have it both ways Harper Government, except they will.

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