Skull violin

The Electric Violin Shop has got the answer to your electrified, death-gloom fiddle needs -- this fab carved skull instrument:

The death's-head shape of this natural wood Stratton electric violin definitely makes a statement. That statement is backed up by a rich, focused tone from the Barbera Twin Hybrid transducer system, providing a strong output signal that's great for acoustic styles, but also exceptionally well-suited for use with high-gain effects in high-volume performances.

Stratton Skull 5-string Electric Violin, Wood (via Kadrey)


  1. Humm! They are sold out and they drop the price?  How very nice of them… Or maybe the reviews have come back that it may be impressive looking but does not sound very good?

  2. I think they aren’t taking up the opportunity to make the head and scroll something equally ghoulish.

    It looks like it might do electric, compressed, distorted violin sounds pretty well, but I’d think its pure acoustic tone would be a bit dire. It doesn’t really have any sort of soundboard. There is a reason why 99.999999% of violins are pretty much non skull-shaped, I guess.

    1.  Yeah, but most of those reasons apply to acoustics.  For electrics, it’s tradition that often defines the shape.  For a solid-body, it’s not a big factor in sound quality.

  3. Not a ‘proper’ (acoustic) violin, but looks like fun to play thru multi-effects at a ‘enhancement’ addled audience….
    kinda pricey too…

    1. Yeah, you need to use steel string for the pick up, that changes the sound, plus it does not have resonant cavity, it will again sound small and different. 

      I will stick to my electrified marimba :)

  4. These guys make a skull violin and they get cheers. Meanwhile, I spend years perfecting my cat skeleton ukulele [genuine catgut strings, natch] and all I get are visits from the FBI and special letters I have to mail to all my new neighbors every time I move. 

    1.  A story about banjo makers in the Foxfire series talks about these guys that would steal their neighbor’s cats to make banjo drums.  They tried to be cool about it, “We wouldn’t never take their last cat”. 

      And I could see one of these showing up in Hank III’s band.

    1. I’m pretty sure that violin could not be more metal even if you cast it out of Thorium.


    1.  crap, beat me to the Devil went down to Georgia.. (thought he promptly left finding the humidity unbearable)

  5. Electric violins use piezoelectric pickups so you don’t need steel strings. Some electric violins have a cavity for resonance although this one clearly doesn’t.

    But just like people don’t expect an electric guitar to sound like an acoustic, you shouldn’t expect to get the same sound as an acoustic with this beauty.

    This was meant as a reply to pizzicato but apparently if I’m not logged in and log in while posting, boingboing decides to change my reply to a top-level post.

  6. Oh gawd!    Just because you can make something does not necessarily mean you should make something.  An oddity for the scrap heap!

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