Young man with autism sees off the Snow White ride at Walt Disney World


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  1. Dang it, why is there all this dust in my office, making my eyes tear up. 

    What a great story!

  2. Michael Montoure says:

    Correction: The father’s name is Ron Miles.

  3. Ron Miles says:

    Yes, I am Ben’s dad. My name is Ron Miles, that is my blog. Alan Philipson is an author acquaintance of mine, which is how his name winds up on the sidebar. Thank you for posting about us, I am more than a little starstruck right now…

  4. Nicky G says:

    I love hearing about the Fantasyland erection.

  5. johne2 says:

    Ron, best to you and thanks for sharing the story.  Hope Ben’s ok with his favorite ride going away.

    • Ron Miles says:

       Yeah, he’s not so much ok with it. But it’s a good learning tool to help him work through difficult emotions, and also in the long run it’s good to free him from that obsession. It will be alright, he just needs some time to learn how to deal with it.

  6. Sekino says:

    Very touching story. Aw man, they ought to keep it open, for the lad… After all, they are supposed to be the happiest place on Earth…

    Just make room by axing the ‘It’s a Small World’ ride ;)

  7. I feel a lot like Ben. Wish I’d been able to make it home to Florida for one last ride. :’(

  8. stuck411 says:

    Ron, thanks for sharing your story. 

  9. Seriously says:

    I too am traumatized by the over haul of Fantasy land.  (not to make lite of the young man’s feelings, I get that) But my inner child is a little despondent. That was my favorite ride as a kid too.  And the walk through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle? Awesome.

  10. I love the story..though I’m sad for Ben that his favorite ride has closed down! I also have a Ben too that has Autism. I’m so glad he got to be the last one to ride!

  11. Mike Harris says:

    For people who want to read all of Ron’s stuff together in one go on their e-reader, here’s a “Readlist” for it (a Readability ePub):

  12. ChickieD says:

    I was touched by your blog post, Ron. I know for people with autistic kids that seeing them genuinely happy and engaged at the appropriate time and place is not something you get enough of. It was beautiful to read not only that your son had this wonderful experience, not only that so many people came together to make this day special for him, but also that you and your wife got to have this fantasy day as parents of seeing your son able to sustain these emotions over a period of time and stay connected to the people around him. I love the pictures of Ben smiling. It was really beautiful, and kudos to Disney for making magic.

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