Jim Gurney's 45-minute painting of a car dealership


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  1. The dealership was nuts not to buy it! If ever there was an appropriate time for a car salesman to say ‘Let me go and talk to my manager.”

    • Ian Wood says:

      I can get you undercoat for that watercolor for $150. That’s normally $375. Heckuva a deal, really. I can probably get alloy wheels for it, too, but let’s start with the undercoat. Manager’s kind of a hardass, you know? And just between you and me–seriously–I get two trips “back to the office” per deal. So let’s make ‘em count, know what I’m saying?

  2. Sean McKibbon says:

    Please illustrate a comic book with watercolours like this!

  3. hobomike says:

    I’m also pleasantly surprised they still sell Miatas.

  4. B E Pratt says:

    In a way, I am sorta surprised that he didn’t get hit with some sort of copyright/IP suit. Maybe upper management (or their lawyers) haven’t seen it yet. Great picture, though.

  5. awjt says:

    “Balloons, wonderful happy balloons.”

  6. Awesome style, I’ve been gunning for this effect with water colour, it looks more effortless than it is.

    Dinotopia though?! Only ever saw the Sky series, but man was it bad.

    • Mark_Frauenfelder says:

      He created the Dinotopia series of books. Did you se them? They are stunning.

      • I haven’t seen them, will check them out!

        Have you seen the TV Show? The budget was FAR too low for what they were trying to achieve, which probably made it very difficult to enjoy.

      • benher says:

        Gurney cites the Dino series often in his masterpiece “Color and Light.” It’s really an indispensable addition to any artist’s library – a steal on amazon as well!
        @beschizza:disqus  I’ve seen your skills with the tablet! Thought you might be interested in this particular gem. It helped me work out a lot of “lighting issues” that had troubled me for years.

  7. rtresco says:

    I would snatch up any ACE fantasy, sci-fi book with a Gurney cover back in the day. Fan for life.

  8. teapot says:

    “The sales people seemed transfixed by their computers. One guy played digital solitaire. They took no notice of me. When I was finished with the painting, I showed it to them. They took photos of it with their cellphones to put on their Facebook pages. “

    Art and poetry. I gotta make this guy’s blog a regular visit!

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