Cat Power- "Ruin" (MP3)


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  1. blueelm says:

    Well I’m looking forward to it.  

  2. dbergen says:

    TIP: Don’t date crazy scientologists!

  3. Lexicat says:

    “…out on September 4. Chan played every…”
    I see what you did there.

  4. emschelle says:

    Saw her a few years back and it was genuinely the oddest show I’ve ever been to.  She took her cordless less mic and wandered through the crowd, caressing people’s faces as she worked her way back behind the stage and sang easily three quarters of the show out of sight, only coming out for a bit of piano-ing here and there. Beautiful, pained, smoky voice. Loved it. 


    I’ll be there on day 1.  The Greatest is one of my most-played records of the decade and I really like this song.  Please Chan, don’t pull a Liz Phair on us.

  6. Stephan says:

    Chan has yet to find the right guy … which is ME!

  7. colincapybara says:

    Fantastic song, but did anyone else think, “is this a Chocolate Rain cover?”, during the first 20 seconds or so?

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