Nexus Q media streaming ball


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  1. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Wait… Somebody took the guts of a generic smartphone in the 200-400 dollar range, omitted the pricey touchscreen, and proceeded to charge $300 for it?

    This, at the same time that a $99 Google TV is being announced?


  2. spoonerist says:

    I believe it’s also an amplifier, hence the speaker connections. I think they’re trying to bring back the “hi-fi” era… 

    • Ladyfingers says:

       As one of those hi-fi dudes Boingers love to hate, I can assure you this device is intensely unappealing to me in nearly every way.

      • Steve Wells says:

         But it has sparkly lights…

        I suspect the target demographic is people not interested in musical fidelity, but rather who want to have something pretty they can have out at parties for people to try and play music through. Something that looks nice front-on but awful as soon as you notice the plethora of cabling hanging out the back of it.

    • Steve Wells says:

       Any amplifier that small is not going to power anything bigger than computer speakers, or at least, not with any quality. It’d be useful as a preamp mainly, unless you’ve got a tiny room.

  3. Ladyfingers says:

    What an absolutely horrible device. Stupid shape, contains extraneous electronics for its target market (amp), no integral interface, horrible blue LEDs everywhere.

    I’ll keep my Squeezebox Touch, thanks.

  4. Dan Hibiki says:

    Naked man distributing guns to dead people sold separately.

  5. Funk Daddy says:

    Assembled+ in the USA, it’s a start anyway, good heaps of praise on them for that.

    Too bad I don’t buy round devices, though I understand the weight of this one would do away with half of my complaint about round top-only devices. With a heavy base it probably won’t topple for being brushed against or pulled gently by cables. Had round baby monitor that was the worst-thing-ever given that any screw up in that department can put you back a square one getting the lil one to sleep. I cracked that thing open without hurting the guts in a fit of anger, that was the last time it rolled off the windowsill and woke a baby.

    Still, it has to be on top to work? What is this thing, my gf from HS? 

    Gimme  something I can build into the desk, wall or shelf component. I haven’t been into cool cases/components since I modded my last Liam-li… 13 years ago? As that volume control integrated into the case is probably not the only volume control I guess it’s okay.

    Not really complaining, there’s a million devices out there and plenty for me, this just ain’t one of them.

  6. Michael Robinson says:

    What problem is this device solving?

  7. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    Cables by Monster.

  8. haineux says:

    OK, what does it DO? Is this an answer to AirPlay? 

    • TheKaz1969 says:

      I am sure that’s part of it. It appears that it will be a hub or piece of their  @ Home initiative, as well. Not a fan of the shape, and I am guessing they released this before having other pieces of the system to fully integrate with as a response to AirPlay.

      At least they are encouraging hackers to go at it with this device. My guess is they are also hoping that the Android community will continue to make this do more and more.

  9. pescho says:

    I don’t get it.  What are they thinking?  Is the idea here to take the notion of an app one step further and create a dedicated, physical appliance?  I already have a toaster.  I think they are compensating for something…

  10. haineux says:

    Also, Google, you are geeks. You should be fighting the Monster Cable bullshit. Instead you are being ridiculed for it.

  11. Jens Alfke says:

    So this is basically equivalent to a Raspberry Pi with a cool-looking case, at 10x the cost? No thanks.

  12. jerwin says:

    Micro HDMI? Why? Is a display optional?

  13. insert says:

    Is this just a computer running a simplified MPD (music player daemon)?

  14. Halloween_Jack says:

    I’m wondering what this does that an Apple TV doesn’t do at a third of its price. 

  15. Culturedropout says:


  16. Ian Wood says:

    I don’t care what it does. If I can’t stack other things on top if it, it is dead to me. Like Jack Webb.

  17. krylon says:

    Something else to awkwardly lay atop of my media center with all my oddly shaped videogame machines while my DVD player and audio components stack nicely INSIDE the actual media center.  Seriously though this thing looks like a crappy industry award given by an organization no one (even inside said industry) has ever heard of.  “And the award for best unusable widget in a non-supportable role goes to … GOOGLE!”

    Finally: does anyone feel like both this and Microsoft’s recent announcements revolved around products they have no intention of actually selling many of and have been tantamount to showing their partners how to make an actual product using their OS’s?  

  18. OoerictoO says:

    i think what most are missing is that this thing plays VIDEO, as well as audio.  but a boxee is still way cheaper/usable.  just not made in the USA

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