Derelict farmhouse turned into massive doll's house

A Canadian artist called Heather Benning converted a derelict farmhouse into a giant doll's house, open on one side. Her photo gallery includes several making-of images that are quite marvellous. She created it while serving as artist-in-residence for the town of Redvers, Sask, and notes that she found the house in 2005. | Dollhouse (via Geekologie)


    1. Or keeps it from getting wet, mildewed, etc.  Or keeps the animals out … Real houses have walls for a reason.

    2. Glancing at the “before” pictures, the house appears it was already in a relatively stable condition, so I’m guessing a few new boards nailed here and there was all it took to prop the thing up for a while longer.

      There are a lot of old barns or houses out there that are definitely death traps. Leaning at sharp angles, roofs bowing in, trees poking out holes.. fun stuff like that. This house wasn’t one of those.

  1. Cool as this is, what really intrigues me is that a town of fewer than 900 people (2006, latest I could find on a quick search) has an artist-in-residence.

      1. Nope – we have ‘fools-in-residence’, even some ‘idiots-in-residence’, and nowadays even ‘cannibals-in-residence’, but artists? Not so much, sadly ….

      2. Yes, absolutely we have artists-in-residence.   It’s not unusual.  The arts may struggle for support, but it’s not rare nor unheard of.

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