Aussie parliamentary committee hates ACTA, too

A crucial Australian parliamentary committee has reported in on ACTA, the corrupt, US-led copyright treaty negotiated in secrecy, and has joined with all the relevant EU parliamentary committees in roundly rejecting it. Ellen Broad writes for the Australian Digital Alliance:

Yesterday the Australian Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (JSCOT) presented Parliament with a damning report into Australia’s negotiation of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). The Committee, comprising members from both houses of Parliament, was unanimous in recommending against Australia’s ratification of ACTA (for now). Adding to global criticisms levelled against ACTA, JSCOT condemns the ambiguity of its language, questions the proportionality of criminal offences for copyright infringement and demands that independent economic analysis of the anticipated costs and benefits to Australia be undertaken before they will consider the treaty again.

Europeans! Remember that the EU votes on ACTA tomorrow, and call your MEP now!

ACTA slammed by Australian Parliamentary Committee


  1. Alas, here in Canada the dictatorial Harper regime is embracing ACTA and actively seeking 2nd tier status in the TPP as well, despite massive outpouring of concern from industry, artists, lawmakers and citizens.

  2. In some contries is democracy on Sale, erverthing must go, few countries have some politicians  with part of their sanities still intact.

  3. That’s great! The only issue is, the current minority government, with cooperation from the opposition, is likely to vote this legislation in unamended, as they’ve done with pretty much every piece of legislation we’ve been asked to implement by the United States. Completely ignoring any committees or public outrcy.

  4. Oh, we have plenty of fine committees and reports and recommendations, never fear.

    It’s the deaf ears they tend to fall on which concern me.

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