Gweek 057: Promethea = good, Prometheus = bad

Click here to play this episode. Gweek is a podcast where the editors and friends of Boing Boing talk about comic books, science fiction and fantasy, video games, TV shows, music, movies, tools, gadgets, apps, and other neat stuff.

My co-hosts for episode 57 are:

Glenn Fleishman, a long-time tech reporter, a hacky perl programmer, and one of the writers of the Economist’s Babbage blog on technology and culture.

Andy Ihnatko, technology journalist for the Chicago Sun-Times, and host of The Ihnatko Almanac podcast on the 5by5 network.

Joel Johnson, Editor of ANIMAL New York, an arts and culture workshop based in Manhattan.


Here are a few of the things we talked about in this episode:

NewImageNexus Q streaming-media sphere.

NewImageLeviathan Wakes -- George R.R. Martin calls it a "really kickass space opera."

NewImageBefore Watchmen comics.

PrometheaPromethea graphic novels by Alan Moore. Joel says: "It's one of my favorite things, ever."

Fatale "Secrets, lies, horror, lust, and monsters from the time before time all collide in Fatale: Death Chases Me."

NewImageWally Wood photo mentioned.

NewImageWaiting for Hockney.

NewImagePrometheus. Joel: "It's terrible. Is there anything else you'd like to talk about?"

NewImageAnvil! The Story of Anvil.