"The best in redpilled music" involves "truly cursed" amount of autotune and feels like "injecting air"

We recently brought you news of the new MAGA anthem that producer Jimmy Levy has dubbed "the MAGA We Are The World." The song, "Freedom," is an autotune nightmare that features musical geniuses such as Trump Latinos ("Billboard Charting Duo"), Mesus ("Billboard Charting Rapper"), Liz Crokin ("Investigative Journalist Known for Iconic Out of Shadows Documentary") and the one and only General Michael "WWG1WGA" Flynn: ("18th Director of Defense Intelligence Agency, 24th US National Security Advisor") who perhaps gets the worst autotune treatment of the entire five-minute-long cringefest.

If you "enjoyed" this spectacle of autotuned noise, you'll absolutely love the latest episode of one of my favorite podcasts, QAnon Anonymous (QAA), which dropped today. Premium Episode 230: Redpilled Music (Freedom Edition) reviews Jimmy Levy's "Freedom," along with many other songs and videos released recently from the MAGA/ Trump/ QAnon world—QAA calls all of these new tracks "the best in redpilled music." And rest assured, by "best" they mean "absolutely worst." In the episode they call the songs "truly cursed music" and further express how utterly horrifying the music is through this brutal analogy:

"If music is heroin, this is the equivalent of filling your syringe with air and plunging it deeeeeep into your vein. Getting that bubble in there. Let's go, it's reaching your heart!"

QAA describes the episode:

Auto-tuned Michael Flynn. Trump rapping. Adrenochrome dubstep. QAnon spoken word over saxophone. AI Klaus Schwab. Disney parodies. We cover the best of the best in redpilled music, including the freshly-dropped anthem "Freedom" which is taking the world by storm.

The episode is only available for QAA Patreon members, which costs five dollars a month to join. If you enjoy clever and hilarious critical commentary on all things QAnon, along with clips from really awful redpilled gospel, rap, hip-hop, and more—there's even a song by "rapper" Hi-Rez and an AI-generated "Trump the Don" called "First Day Out," that's supposed to sound like Trump himself rapping about the aftermath of being arrested in Georgia—I promise it's worth the price of a latte.