Crixus: gladiator mask


6 Responses to “Crixus: gladiator mask”

  1. MarkV says:

    I saw the picture before the headline. Thought it was a cuirass for pregnant women.

  2. nehpetsE says:

    eye&mouth grates are for flower arrangements. (keeps stems organized at bottom of vase)

  3. Bender says:

    I hope to die during the apocalypse, therefore missing the post-apocalyptic shenanigans that might call for something like this.

    • Finnagain says:

       Too much Mad Max for you!

    • penguinchris says:

      On the other hand, the people who will wear this stuff are purposefully dehumanizing themselves, which makes it easier for you to deal with killing them when they attack you.

  4. ldobe says:

    Turn it upside down for a nifty, stabby jock strap

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