Is your member of Congress on the House Judiciary Committee? We need you to fight the return of SOPA!

As I wrote yesterday, Rep Lamar "SOPA" Smith is trying to sneak through another variation on SOPA in the form of the the Intellectual Property Attache Act, which was steaming through Congress without any public scrutiny or debate.

Now it's begun to stumble, and TechDirt reports that "support for the bill is wavering. Some of the named co-sponsors have made it clear that they're just as unhappy that the bill was being rushed out this way without public comment and were uncomfortable with some of the specifics in the bill -- and that these concerns mean that the bill may actually be delayed."

Many of our American readers will be constituents of the Congresspeople on the House Judiciary Committee, where the Intellectual Property Attache Act originates. If you do, please take a moment to call your Congressperson's constituency office and let them know that this isn't how you want your country's Internet policy made, nohow.

Let The Judiciary Committee Know That Creating A Mini-SOPA Without Public Participation Is Unacceptable


  1. Unfortunately, Lamar Smith *is* my “representative”. Don’t think I’m going to be able to change his mind. I really need to get out of Texas.

    1.  No, no, no, we need MORE progressive people in Texas so idiots like him can get voted out of office!

    2. He’s up for re-election.  You could campaign either for the Green or Democrat running against him.  Then vote against him yourself come November.  

  2. Cory, I read (skimmed) the text of the bill and it seems to be entirely focused on these “foreign copyright ambassadors”, whatever they are. While they do not sound like something I would want, could you be more specific about what exactly in the bill is SOPA like?

  3. Well, I’ll try getting a hold of Mike Pence, but if it’s anything like my other attempts, it won’t matter at all.

  4. Oh, for fuck’s sake. Lamar, you cretinous fuckspigot. How much money was in the unmarked black suitcase THIS time?

  5. Gowdy is on the committee and from my state but not my district. His web form won’t let you email him unless you input a zip + 4 from his district. Christ, what an asshole. Lucky for me, the person in the house who “represents” me is Joe Wilson. Fuck it.

  6. Unless we get legislation that prevents the possibility of bills like SOPA, we will get such a bill. The profit and power from controlling Internet communications are just too big and bills trying to restrict internet freedom will keep coming.

    1. There is no such thing. A law congress passes now, a future congress can simply undo by passing a new SOPA-like law that overrides it. The legislature cannot tie the hands of its successors.

      1. It could theoretically be done with a constitutional amendment, but good luck with that.

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