Kim Dotcom offers FBI a deal they are very likely to refuse

MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom offered to hand himself over the FBI, if only they would unfreeze his assets to permit the hiring of attorneys. [Juha Saarinen / Wired]


  1. I’ve got really mixed feelings about Kim Dotcom, but I do feel it would be fair to release a reasonable amount of money from his assets so he can retain legal counsel.

  2. Did nothing more come of the dodgy jurisdictional claims?

    I understand Mr Dotcom’s assets were expropriated under US law while he was resident in NZ.

  3. Well, if this were a movie, this would be a ploy – he needs the funds to pay someone who will smuggle him off somewhere the FBI can’t touch him, and the amount of money he has is more than enough to live in such a place in style for the rest of his life.

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