TOM THE DANCING BUG: Accused Burglar Incorporates Self

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  1. W00t! He’s back on it! Best Dancing Bug in a long time. Bravo!

    I like part where he’s wearing a vest. Also, the poignant social commentary.

  2. Funny, because it’s true.  Also:  Sad, because it’s true.  Also: Infuriating, because it’s true.

  3. That’s just crazy talk.  It’s not like someone could use this principle to make themselves fantastically wealthy, dodge all responsibility, then bankroll a successful candidacy for themselves as Governor of, say, Florida?

    1. Ruben didn’t have room for it, but both policemen subsequently found employment in the Security division of Tynerco.  Coincidence I’m sure.

  4. The class envy on display in this thread is sickening. Tynerco is a shining example of the can-do spirit that made America what it is today. 

  5. As a libertarian, I am often not so impressed with Mr. Dancing Bug’s comics. But DAMN, he nailed this one – hilarious, biting, and dead on target. This is a huge, fundamental, structural problem in our society. No person should be removed from responsibility for their actions – be they corporate honcho, member of government, etc. Bravo.

    Corporations, as legal entities that exist above and beyond the members within them, should be abolished. 

    1. Speaking as another libertarian, I was a bit surprised to find an anti-corporate screed here  that actually made some sense. The problem with corporations is that they don’t actually exist. On the other hand, many liberals regard corporations, not as fictions, but as demons. (I suppose that means they regard unions as angels.)

    1. Yeah, I guess if you look at one of the most egregious, blatant, and well-publicized cases of corporate fraud, one or two of their guys did get a comparable sentence to knocking over a liquor store.

      1.  Ah come on, everyone knows that you can’t be a real criminal if you’ve got lots of money, right?

  6. I was a whistle blower on  Tynerco when I dropped a dime and called the cops.  I’m serving a year in jail for revealing corporate trade secrets now.

  7. This simply underlines the fact the corporate influence on book publishers and US education, has mostly erased the historical fact that the US revolution was against Kings and Corporations. What is really ironic is that one of the biggest groups of corporate dupes are named after one of the key anti-corporation events of US history, the Boston Tea Party.  

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