Donald Trump boasts about not needing teleprompter, then falls apart when he can't read teleprompter (video)

Donald Trump used to boast about not needing a teleprompter, but had a fit today when he couldn't read his teleprompter (emphasis on "couldn't read").

"Isn't it nice to have a president who doesn't need a teleprompter?" he once asked, as shown in the "then" part of a then-and-now video posted by MeidasTouch (see below).

Cut to the "now" part, with the struggling ex-president making excuses at his Michigan rally today: "Because this teleprompter, it's facing you," he complained, pointing at his MAGA disciples.

The befuddled MAGA candidate then steps away from his mic to make a big show of adjusting the teleprompter about a quarter of an inch. "These teleprompters, they're just gonzo, folks! They're gonzo!" Gonzo? Well then I guess the mics are in very good company.

At least this teleprompter gaffe wasn't as morbid as the time he struggled to read and ended up suggesting that his MAGA mob "eat their young."