Indifferent cats in amateur porn


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  1. malindrome says:

    “NSFW, unless you work at the indifferent cat in a sexual situation factory.”

    Not since last week.  The recession has hit the ICIASS industry hard.

  2. Over the River says:

    rule #34 – If it exists there IS porn of it

  3. sockdoll says:

    NSFW, unless you work at the indifferent cat in a sexual situation factory.

    Do you know if they’re fully staffed, or might they have an opening that needs filling? I’m an experienced dish filler and litter box cleaner.

  4. nowimnothing says:

    OK, either this is really new or Cory is monitoring my web traffic. I somehow?? stumbled across this just a couple of days ago.

  5. penguinchris says:

    I’ve been following this for a while… I’m on Tumblr daily and do follow some other NSFW tumblrs (tasteful ones), and since this blog posts infrequently, it’s often a bit of a shock to scroll down the tumblr dashboard and see some of these things pop up (like the fifth post on the front page right now). But that’s part of the fun.

  6. Gary61 says:

    OK, I’ll say it:
    “Mee – YOW!”

  7. Culturedropout says:

    Indifferent Amateur Porn with Cats

  8. JhmL says:


  9. Gyrofrog says:

    Is it just me or is that Cybil Shepherd in the thumbnail pic?

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