"Adventure Time" poster by Olly Moss for Mondo at Comic Con


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  1. jandrese says:

    Am I out of date or is $50 an outrageous price for a small poster?  Is it already framed or something? 

    • goldnight says:

      Waaaay out of date.

    • graphiclanguage says:

       the real sticker price shock will be when it is on eBay for $300.00 in a few days.

    • drewcadia says:

      yes… you are out of date
      1. olly moss is one of the most sought after artists out right now (some of his posters are over $1000 on ebay)2. this is a limited edition silkscreen. they only printed 380. not 10 million like a justin beiber poster. not just a poster. 3. 18×24 is fairly large once you frame it properly

    • AwesomeRobot says:

      Search eBay for Olly Moss. This will likely go for quadruple in secondary markets what it’s selling for at SDCC. 

      It’s basically supply and demand.

  2. mike40s says:

    Its a combination of a bunch of things, but basically, these are great prints by very collectible artists.

  3. Aled Lewis says:

    You’re out of date.

  4. BrianP says:

    Oh I get it. Finn sounds like Fin. I love some of the old Mondo stuff, but they haven’t put out much that tickles my fancy lately. 

  5. NM says:

    VERY out of date. $50 is a steal when you see what they’ll sell for on ebay 10 minutes later

  6. jarable says:

    Is that Kate Beaton’s pony in silhouette?

  7. baronkarza says:

    Visually, it reminds me of the weird ending sequence from “The Black Hole.”

  8. Brice Shultz says:

    Where’s the snail?

  9. ly_yng says:

    What time is it…

    available for purchase?

  10. duc chau says:


    (I’m 42 years old.)

  11. eryn sorensen says:

    Love that it has the poo-brain horse! My kids and I spend much of our day trying to perfect the eye popping herp derp look. Yeah man!

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