Garlic Twist


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  1. hassan-i-sabbah says:

    So, its a pot grinder for garlic then ?

  2. Whoa, too expensive. In the Netherlands it’s one Euro at the Eurostore… 

  3. arp says:

    I was looking through the reviews when I came across this: I don’t know if the complaint this product contains BPA is valid but the apparent response by the company is pretty concerning and really unprofessional if it’s true.

  4. i use the Droog-design garlic  ‘press’: Great functional design, works fine, and being able to both rinse the crusher while getting rid of the garlic smell on your fingers is amazing.

  5. Jon Massey says:

    Just crush it with the back of a knife, people!

    • MaximumOvertroll says:

      This. If I was gonna use a grinder on my garlic id just get a cheap plastic one from a head shop.

      • Kimmo says:

        Harder to clean.

        The plastic becomes problematic over time; I suspect the same would hold for garlic. A metal one, you can scrape clean no worries.

  6. Dan Hibiki says:

    That’s just a lame knockoff of the Garlic Chop

    Bet it doesn’t even have an ejector.

  7. MaximumOvertroll says:

    You can always count on stoners to repurpose everything. Especially when it comes to food.

  8. jsandin says:

    Two words:  Chinese cleaver.

  9. pjk says:

    Garlic twist: $17

    Knife I already have: $0

  10. kmoser says:

    Like most garlic presses, it contains all sorts of nooks and crannies that would be difficult to wash thoroughly. I’ll stick with a good knife that lets me do anything from thin, wide slices to fine mincing.

  11. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    Does the skin just get ground into the garlic?

  12. princessalex says:

    Since you’ll probably have a knife out to cut off the bottom end of the cloves, anyway, why not just use the one tool for everything?  If you’ve never tried smashing-and-mincing garlic with a knife, here’s how:

  13. Boundegar says:

    “The package says you can also do ginger or olives or cherries” …if you like garlic-flavored cherry relish.

  14. habbi1974 says:

    I’m sorry but this does not look easier to clean than the standard press…

  15. snah says:

    Smash and chop with a knife takes just moments.

    And here’s a great trick for removing the skin of a single clove or entire head of garlic in a few seconds:

  16. Quiche de Resistance says:

    I have one of these and I love it.  you do have to use a knife to cut off the clove bottoms.  But put in a bunch of cloves and you’ve got minced garlic in a minute.  And then you can turn the press to get a couple of nice little minced garlic wedges that are very easy to remove from the grinder.  Clean up is easy with a little warm soapy water, just turn the mincer and the teeth clean each other.

    I know a bunch of people are bitching about just smash with flat of knife and then slice, but for me this is much easier than mincing a bunch of cloves.  It’s a cool little gadget.

  17. picaflor says:

     I am old-school – love my pilón

  18. Daniel Saraga says:

    I have one of these – it’s not bad if you want seriously well mashed garlic, and it’s definitely easier to clean than a traditional press. Definitely gets all the juices out.

  19. gellfex says:

    Putting aside the minced vs pressed argument, I’ve found one of the best presses to be $3 from Ikea. It has a removable stainless perforated basket that makes it easier to clean. I used to use a self cleaning die cast zinc one but pressing ginger would blow out the perfed section.  I now use a microplane for ginger anyway.

  20. gwyllion says:

    wanna know whats REALLY awesome? Take your garlic cloves put two glasses or little bowls rim to rim (like a cocktail shaker) and vigorously shake your garlic cloves. The garlic
    peel magically comes off leaving you with perfect peeled garlic cloves no knife smashing needed! It is AMAZING!!!!

  21. Steve Taylor says:

    Kitchen gadgets are to be resisted. They sit around cluttering up the kitchen drawers and laughing at you.

  22. Ben Handel says:

    I use one of these to grind up dried chiles!

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