Wizard Wars: magicians compete to create tricks in one hour using items from a dollar store

[Video Link] 2 teams of magicians get an hour to create original magic routines. Here's the catch: The routines must incorporate four [preselected] props (chopsticks, beach balls, erasers, fake oranges). After the hour is up, the magicians will perform their tricks before a panel of judges. Only one team can win. We call it...Wizard Wars.


  1. I would Tivo Season Pass this show.

    Where are all the girl magicians?!

    Finally – please please please improve the lighting.

  2. This is the most entertaining premise for a reality show I have seen. I could totally see this coming on after Mythbusters on the Discovery  channel.

  3. Was all excited to see how he made the flaming duck using from a dollar store. Now highly disappointed. Good improv though. 

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