Cinderblock necklaces pendants made from poured concrete

Max Steiner's Cement Cinder Block Necklaces are actually cast from poured concrete and cured for a month before being sold. At 3/4" tall, they're the cutest construction materials with which you can adorn yourself.

Cement Cinder Block Necklace


    1.  They’re super light – lighter than a metal pendant of the same size (I’m actually wearing one right now, so when I saw the article I did a double take).

  1. I have one around one ankle at work, another around my other with my GF, so I need yet another around my neck too?

    1. If your life is that bleak, I’d suggest buying the full-sized model and going for a swim.

      1. Exits, departures? It’s strangely ferpect to my twisted mind this little exchange is but…

        Perhaps just this once we can ignore Antinous’ advice. Suicide is a PERMANENT solution to TEMPORARY problems. Tsk tsk Antinous, I know you were trying to be cute there but that’s not really all that funny.

    1. Use it to break their front door peephole when they hold out on tiny amounts of protection money.

  2. Don’t want to be pedantic, but I can’t help myself- that isn’t ‘poured concrete'(also isn’t a cinder block, but that seems to just be artistic license here). It’s cement.

  3. Civil engineering graduate (and pedant) reporting in: cement != concrete

    generally: concrete = portland cement + aggregate + water

    After reading the BB headline I thought, “wow, they must have some fine aggregate!”. The seller calls it cement.

    Anyway, It’d make a killer scale model shed or rural gas station.

  4. Excellent, something equally as small to build the foundation of my life sized Lego house with.

  5. Is it really a cinder-block if it lacks cinders?   But seriously you need to put together some bonzi tree boards so barbie can put her record player on a proper shelf.

  6.  It seems like the sort of thing only worn by those people who insist on wearing trucker hats and chugging PBR, despite being coddled and wealthy.

  7. One of my bosses once worked with the fellow who invented Lock-Blocks; the giant lego-esque concrete construction blocks often used for highway-side retaining walls. As a promotional item, they made tiny versions designed to be business cards. A box was left at our office once, and it was all I could do not to constantly play with them. 

  8. Hey, I’m gonna buy one of these for the ol’ ball & chain.  (Yeah… that’ll get me in solid). 

  9. Hmm, maybe it’s time to get rid of my Drywallscrew-earrings (self-tapping & phosphate coated of course) and move up to some “better” building material?

    *dreams of a brick &  mortar tiara* 

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