Disinfo Podcast interview with Henry Rollins


8 Responses to “Disinfo Podcast interview with Henry Rollins”

  1. Keith Tyler says:

    Henry Rollins’ “better world” does not have electronic music in it, and I for one simply can’t have that.

    • wysinwyg says:

       Yeah, for a dude whose career was predicated on screaming unintelligibly and inaudibly into a microphone in front of a bunch of garage musicians, he’s awfully down on DJs for “not having any talent.”  I’d love to see Henry Rollins try to play Drunk Trumpet and then say Kid Koala doesn’t have any talent.

      I still think Rollins is pretty fuckin’ cool, though. 

      • Al Billings says:

         Not having listened to this yet, I assume the complaint is the normal musician complaint of “musicians actually know how to play music, not just play and rearrange someone else’s music.”

  2. Dave X says:

    In a more perfect world, the Disinfo podcast would be Disney-themed, with Rollins discussing Blag Flag’s integral role in designing Spaceship Earth.

  3. Dave X says:

    Keith– What?

  4. Ian Wood says:

    I want to see Henry Rollins do a show with Prince Poppycock.

  5. Mr.Staggs, please be a man and face “Crazy Elf” in a verbal rematch at nerdprideradio

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