Sick of the Olympics already? Olwimpics browser blocker is your new best friend.

Greg Leuch at fffffat unveils the Olwimpics content blocker for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Sweet Jesus, thank you. (via @gautamramdurai)


  1. This is the kind of information that makes it worth my while to read Boing Boing. Gopod bless you, Xeni.

    1. The Daily Mail has been running twenty articles a day for six months about what a clusterfuck the Olympics are. Until last night, and now the Olympics are the most FAAAABULOUS thing that’s ever happened. At least we’re consistent.

  2. Because no-one would be in the slightest bit interested in the Queen parachuting out of a helicopter with James Bond, Mr Bean starring in Chariots of Fire, the first lesbian kiss ever televised on Saudi television, Sir Tim Berners Lee’s tweet being seen by 1 billion people or Mary Poppins defending a free healthcare service from a 20 foot Lord Voldermort.

    1. So the Olympics are now an excuse for a three-hour-long musical extravaganza, completely unrelated to sports, and half of which pre-recorded? 
      Is this why we-taxpayers are throwing TWELVE BILLION POUNDS down the five-circles-shaped drain, while our public services are slashed and we’re going through a double-dip recession? I’m not a Daily Mail reader, but I feel I’m entitled to quite a bit of Olympic curmudgeonry these days.

      1. You can argue £1 billion has been p*ss*d away on running the games, but all the buildings flats and clear up of one of the most run down parts of London will still be there once the games are over.

        1. Yeah, including a huge stadium they still don’t know what to use for… And it’s not like they’ve completely flattened the East End; the olympic village is still surrounded by problematic areas.

          But even if they did manage to completely “fix” the place, it would still be a TWELVE BILLION POUNDS project to fix *one city* in the middle of a recession, when the rest of the country is struggling to keep existing services running.  It would be outrageous in the same way Crossrail is outrageous: UK resources are unfairly concentrated on London, leaving the rest of Britain to rot.

    1. I’m an athlete, and I spent many years getting to the point that I can describe myself that way. Sitting on the couch watching other people run and jump was not part of that effort. Do any of those kids in spandex have televisions on their handlebars?

      The Olympics are to athletics what McDonald’s is to animal husbandry.

    1. both your peninsula, and your nearby capital,  are even-now on the IOC cease and desist radar.

      (if you want to understand any aspect of the modern Olympic games, make money the predominate coefficient in all your equations)

  3. I just installed this but it’s kind of disappointing. It just covers up keywords, and I’d really rather it block out entire sections.

    I wish there was something like this for sports in general, I can’t stand seeing that crap pollute my screen but yet, somehow, people care about that stuff.

    Also, I’m an athletic person and go hiking and biking and stuff, just can’t see the point of televised stuff.

  4. On the other hand, this has been great material for QueenLOLs.  It’s been quite hard to catch the Queen without a smile on her face this year, but the Olympics seemed to have doured her up right smartly.

  5. I only watch for the faux pas moments – Korean flag fiasco and the empty seats. Thank you London for voting with your feet.

    1. Londoners are not voting with their feet. They line up but can’t get in. The empty seats are those set aside for “officials” and corporate sponsors who don’t show up. It’s a f-up some spksmn said they’ll change. But it offers the corporate angle for disgust, so that’s a plus.

        1. Well, that’s what I read. Could be spin. Could be true. Could be those seats were cleverly purchased by anti-corporatists who defiantly left them empty to humiliate the Olympic committee into reinventing itself in a more caring, human way.

          1. The media is cheerfully talking about how they’re just filling the thousands of empty seats with soldiers. Can you imagine what the media would have said if thousands of empty seats had been filled with Chinese or Soviet soldiers at the Beijing or Moscow Olympics?

  6. Ah, finally some relief from all the endless hyperventilating over doping scandals. Now, if I only had something like this for BBC radio.

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