Mars Curiosity moment of joy: NASA JPL team high-fiving after landing (video)

[Video Link] As the post-landing press conference begins, NASA and JPL MSL leaders high-five and cheer with the Mars rover engineering and flight control team. I shot this last night (on my iPhone, pardon the shakiness) inside the Jet Propulsion Lab, at 11:15pm PDT, about 45 minutes after the rover landed, against all odds, on the surface of Mars.

* Despite the image on the screen behind them, this was not a Microsoft press conference.


    1. Good and solid, works well, and there are a zillion tweaks for it.

      Hmm, might install it on my other partition… there are a couple of deal-breakers for me with 7 and Vista gives me the shits.

  1. This is the scene from JPL, with the program managers and directors,  team leaders.  Where are the reaction shots from the guys in the trenches, the assembly guys from the clean room?

  2. Were the odds really against it?   I was under the impression that they were pretty confident it would work!

    1. They wouldn’t have done it if they weren’t pretty confident it would work. By that standard, though, it wasn’t what you’d call a sure thing; historically, the majority of missions to Mars haven’t worked.

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