Mars Curiosity moment of joy: NASA JPL team high-fiving after landing (video)


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  1. Justin Sabe says:

    All those macBooks at the EDL consoles and the presentation machines are Windows XP? 

    • Kimmo says:

      Good and solid, works well, and there are a zillion tweaks for it.

      Hmm, might install it on my other partition… there are a couple of deal-breakers for me with 7 and Vista gives me the shits.

  2. Gwyneth Hannaford says:

    XP oh wow. Hope that is not a english/metric kind of thing.

  3. Ari B. says:

    It’s like they won the Super Bowl and World Series all at once. Best night I’ve had in years.

  4. grimc says:

    Rocket scientist high five is best high five.

  5. theophrastvs says:

    so NASA… you’re just building my hopes up again, aren’t you?  (science teases…)

  6. Gary61 says:

    This is the scene from JPL, with the program managers and directors,  team leaders.  Where are the reaction shots from the guys in the trenches, the assembly guys from the clean room?

  7. Ted Lemon says:

    Were the odds really against it?   I was under the impression that they were pretty confident it would work!

    • TaymonBeal says:

      They wouldn’t have done it if they weren’t pretty confident it would work. By that standard, though, it wasn’t what you’d call a sure thing; historically, the majority of missions to Mars haven’t worked.

  8. Dan Richards says:

    New video title: “50 awkward high-five/hand shake thingies”

  9. Bob Knetzger says:

    Are those BanLon shirts?

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