Behold the Wall Breaker

Thanks, Ipo!


    1. In California, if it reaches your knee, you need rebar and concrete fill. Not that I’m complaining after living through Loma Prieta.

    2. I’d like to see it go against a compressed earth block structure.  The army regularly tests their small cannons against walls of CEB down here in San Antonio.  Such structures are not as fragile as the walls this thing is knocking over and are much more similar to the buildings the military faces in Afghanistan. 

      1. Yep, Most of the walls shown can be taken down my a single guy with nothing but a quartersledge, and a little determination.  I’ve knocked down walls like that myself, it’s not very hard if you put everything you got into one of the joints at chest height with a sledgehammer.

        This is really a solution looking for a problem.  You can do the same thing with a waterbag charge.  Already in use in Afghanistan, and I’d assume safer, since you don’t have a bunch of reaction mass careening backward from the point of detonation.

        It’s like demonstrating that a condom is effective birthcontrol by showing a guy masturbating while wearing one. It’s a strawman advertizement.

        1. I think the market for this thing is the crowd required to break a door but too fat to handle a ram by hand and not licensed for explosives. It’s also more fun than either water charges or a handheld ram. I think the product category is “entertainment” and “suburban sheriffs deputy” as well as “wanton property damage”.

          I’m sure the target market will have much fun with it.

          1.  I don’t think that I want any LEOs operating this thing who can’t qualify for explosives or can’t operate a ram.  That’s just asking for trouble.  Besides, tools that already exist like the previously mentioned water bag do less collateral damage than this thing does, and this demo doesn’t show the thing being used against full test structures, just little walls.  I want to see what it does to a roofed structure, and I expect that structure to come crashing down.

            Sheriff Arpaio once tried to buy shoulder-fired rocket launchers.  He was rebuffed.  Thank god that someone realized that training and having a legitimate use were important before allowing a sale.

    3. Yeah, I’d like to see it go through 8″ solid form concrete reinforced with rebar…  doubtful it would punch through at all.

      Looks like they have problems with the payload keeping angle within the first 6 feet!

  1. This is a nice counterpoint to that video of the pro mason laying a wall that did the rounds a couple weeks ago.

    No matter how good you are, it’s always easier to destroy than create.

    1. Common misconception, ninjas, for the most part, dressed to disguise themselves as they were mostly used as spies.  There’s no hard evidence for ninjas wearing those black suits, although for assassination jobs they probably could have come in handy.  The black suit thing mostly comes from the Kuroko (stage hands) in Kabuki, which is what this guy is supposed to be here.

          1. Can you be sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that there aren’t ninjas hiding behind your plumber and accountant? (Remember: the average doubt can cast more than enough shadow to conceal a ninja.)

      1. There’s no hard evidence for ninjas wearing those black suits…

        That’s because the ninjas destroyed all the evidence, and they’re too fast to be captured on film.

        1. Surely they didn’t destroy all the evidence, otherwise how do we know about ninjas?

          Answer to that one is simple though. In every profession, there’s at least one person that really, really sucks at their job.

  2. Does anybody in your neighborhood have one of these, Rob?  Because I think they used it last night.

  3. I’m assuming this will be standard police armament in the USA within a couple of months.

    1.  Those wrong-address, no-knock, middle-of-the-night raids will be so much cooler when every SWAT team has one of these.

    2. I suspect that we’ll have to exhaust the supply of authentic DoD-surplus M113s, with authentic machine guns and/or grenade launchers, before any but the most down-at-heel mall cops are forced to stoop so low…

  4. Okay, hands up all those who thought this was a US product: the sort of thing that any well-organized militia ought to have in times of emergency, such as a gay couple moving into the neighbourhood. I confess I did. Turns out its Welsh.

    1. The combination of the effective range given in meters and the charge pressure in PSI kind of pointed at a Commonwealth country, and it seemed a little over the top for Canada…

    2. It’s the 600th anniversary of the Welsh Revolt (1400-1415). Somebody should tell these people the motte and bailey castles on the border aren’t used any more. (Those breeze block walls used for practice are not fooling anybody). Face facts, my Welsh friends. Owen Glendower is not coming back. It’s time to move on.

  5. The Jeremy, James, and Richard (guys on Top Gear) will love this. I wonder what the best load and pressure configuration is to demolish a caravan? Can it be set up to knock cars (other than Reliant Robins) over without doing excessive damage?

    Now imagine a number of these doing a broadside from the side of a semi…

    1. What about using it as a mass reaction motor for a pickup truck.

      Punch the nitrogen cannon and get us over the jump.

  6. I see no purpose, since it’s being loaded at the wall, defeating any purpose of stealth. 

  7. Two can play at this little game.  I’m installing these things on the *insides* of my house so I can explode the walls *outwards* at my attackers.  Didn’t see that one coming did you, boys!

  8. On the plus side, now I can talk about alternate uses for the water cooler whilst standing around the water cooler.

  9. My dog can do that after dinner, while facing the other way. Especially if I feed him New Food.

  10. So it looks like its ammunition is derived from 5 gallon water bottles and soda machine CO2 canisters

  11. “Fire at the sides of a van to see what’s inside” (from the scrolling text).

    – Gee, officer… I was just curious to see what was inside…

  12. uhh, there are doors on those vehicles if you want to see what is inside. 

    And if a LEO or whatever had some reason not to use the doors, I would hope they would use something with a bit more finesse, or a lot more water.

    Nifty device, but c’mon, it’s looking pretty instructables, bit of homemade fun, not really a product is it?

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