Ukrainian MP drops grenades at his own town meeting: 26 wounded (video)

A village councilor in Ukraine walked into the middle of a town council meeting in the western mountainous region of Zakarpattia Friday morning and shouted a few words at the group while standing by the door. He was then caught on camera pulling the safety pins of three grenades and dropping them on the floor, where they detonated. "As a result, 26 people were wounded, six of whom are in a grave condition," police said, via CBS News. (See edited version of the livestreamed video below, posted by Mike Sington. The full clip, which is more dramatic, can be seen here on Facebook.)

The suspect was later reported to be Serhiy Batryn — an MP of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's Servant of the People party — according to the New Voice of Ukraine via Yahoo! News, but the reason for his actions has not yet been reported. He himself was severely injured by the explosions.

From CBS News:

The police said the Ukrainian secret service (SBU) had opened a terrorism investigation. Police also opened a probe into the illegal handling of weapons.

The video released by the police came from a live video stream of the meeting provided by the town council on social media, which showed the man walking in more than 1.5 hours into the debate and standing momentarily by the door before taking the grenades from his pockets. …

…medics were trying to resuscitate the man who threw the grenades.

A woman who was watching the live broadcast of the council session reported the explosion to authorities, Ukrainian Pravda reported.